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Dear Friends,

We have all seen and felt the drastic changes within the healthcare profession that we all love. And that many of our fellow chiropractors have, for one reason or another, been forced out of this profession. It is for this reason that the AMC family was founded.

We on the AMC team are here for one simple reason: to help the doctor that needs the help and wants to be helped. With over 50 years of experience at hand, we know that coaching in these times must be personal, effective and affordable. We also understand that the days of putting on “rah rah” seminars and selling tapes are in the past.

AMC knows that the hands-on training with step-by-step procedures and proven marketing are the only ways that a doctor can be confident and secure in his or her future in practice. The driving purpose in our hearts is to see all sincere chiropractors succeed by building long-term, self-sustaining, referral-based practices and to see chiropractic reach the masses.

AMC, with its proven track record, has shown that with a consistent, effective and ethical system in place both of these goals can be easily reached.

With Sincerity,

Thomas A. Owen, III

President of AMC

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Solutions For Your Practice

AMC provides multiple solutions for your practice. Whether you are a student getting ready to graduate, a seasoned practitioner wanting to know how to stabilize your practice in an ever-changing practice environment or an entrepreneur looking for ways to develop associate practices or multiple practice locations, AMC provides the answers!  Below are just a few of the programs and services available to our members. Not sure what program is right for you? That is what we are here for. 

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Thank You For Visiting AMCFamily.com. It is our honor to serve the chiropractic community in any way that we can. If you are not where you want to be in practice then what is stopping you from making the most important decision of your life? Please give us a call to discuss your options and to discuss a plan to move from where you are to where you want to be. There is no obligation to call and if you become a member you will be backed by our “If you don’t grow, you don’t owe!” guarantee. That’s right. If we fail to help you grow your practice you won’t owe us a dime. Guaranteed.

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Check Out Our “If You Don’t Grow, You Don’t Owe” Guarantee!


We provide a hard-to-beat guarantee that removes all risk for new members from the very beginning.

What’s that guarantee?

By choosing AMC, if you don’t grow, you don’t owe – PERIOD! It doesn’t get simpler than that!!

What does that mean?

Simply put, we’ll determine the value of your business similar to how the New York Stock Exchange values
Fortune 500 companies — they look at the last quarter of profits to determine the company’s worth.

But, we take it a step further!

Upon joining, we’ll average what you’ve been able to produce in practice over the last six months, throw out the
high and low months, average the middle four, and then use that number as your initial allowance.
Then, if you don’t grow above your established allowance on any given month, you don’t owe!

Bottom line …

This becomes a win-win for both parties involved. Matter of fact, a money back guarantee (which other companies may provide) becomes a mute point since there’s no money exchanged unless we actually grow your practice.

Think about it … why would you want to spend your hard-earned money on business strategies that don’t work?

We have eliminated the risk because we want you to succeed. We want to make it easy for you to
make the decision to grow your practice and expand your life.

Call us today and start designing the practice of your future. 

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