We help chiropractors open respected, effective, and valued practices

– See how these doctors opened successful practices with the AMC System.

I saw that I could open a practice succesfully. There's so much support here; this place is a family.

Is this your story?

I have the skills, confidence, and finances to open my own practice.

I have the patients and tools to be profitable immediately.

I’m not reinventing the wheel or crossing my fingers and wishing for the best.

I know how to acquire patients who follow my recommendations.

I can communicate efficiently and effectively with patients.

I understand business, including hiring and managing staff.

With the Right Start Program we were making a profit from Day One. We had 100 patients our first month and were up to 800 patient visits a month within six months.

– Dr. Horrall found success with the AMC System, but she also found much more as part of the AMC Family.

Or is this what you're looking at?

I don’t know how to give my patients the best care in an efficient manner.

I don’t know how to communicate in an efficient way that doesn’t feel rushed.

I don’t know how to add more people without spending more emotional, physical, and mental energy.

I don’t know the business side of things. I “don’t know what I don’t know”, and I don’t know where to get started.

I don’t know how to have patients follow my recommendations.

I don’t know how to avoid being bled dry financially, emotionally, and physically.

Where's the problem?

When you’re starting a practice, the first thing you want is patients, right? If you don’t have an experienced guide, there are deep pitfalls waiting.

Many doctors starting in practice cobble together a system from odds and ends. An awesome technique, a little marketing here, a little process there, some motivational juice from that seminar thrown in for good measure. Friend, this isn’t the foundation you need to build on. If you tried building a skyscraper on a log cabin foundation you’d only get so far. You can only go so far on a shaky foundation!

Everything starts with one word:


The best use of your time and resources will bring financial, mental, and emotional success to your life. If your office isn’t efficient, you’ll continue to run into roadblocks. Can we tell you where your efficiency breakdowns will occur? Not at first glance. But the good news is that efficiency is not an external issue, it’s systematic inside your walls. How on earth is that good news? Because it’s not your market, your location, or your marketing. As long as it’s inside, AMC can help you prepare for success and avoid common pitfalls that even experienced chiropractors fall into. All of this is dependent on one thing though, and that’s your level of commitment.

Do you really want the practice of your dreams? If you think you’ve got it all figured out, you can stop reading now. We’ll go on to have a great day, but your efficiency problems will soon pop up to stare you in the face. We’re confident we can help you have the Right Start in practice. Whether it’s your staff, office layout, billing, insurance we can help you get the Right Start the first time.

Whether you're a student, a practicing associate, or just want to move to a new market, the AMC Right Start program will give you the tools to be respected, effective, and valued in practice.

A solid foundation

Efficiency is the cornerstone of a successful practice, but there’s so much more to the foundation. AMC can help you build your foundation strong with:

  • Marketing
  • Staffing
  • Patient Compliance
  • Internal Promotions
  • Building Referrals
  • Maintenance
  • Nutrition
  • Concepts
  • Potential
  • Paperwork
  • Software
  • Billing
  • Collections
  • Functional Therapies
  • Stats and Analytics
  • Team Training and Building
  • Patient Flow
  • Communications and protocols
  • Financial Analysis
  • Telehealth
  • And more…

We've seen it all and we're prepared for it all.

We're Prepared for Time

We're Prepared for Staff

We're Prepared for the Patient Experience

We're Prepared for Finances

Don’t spend years making avoidable mistakes and learning the hard way. Get good patients, keep them longer and get better acceptance and better results. We get great results helping doctors opening practices all the time, and we can help you too.

We have a fulfilling, rewarding, stable life and practice thanks to the Right Start program. Seeing others who had gone through the program before us gave us the hope and confidence to know that we could do it too.

What is missing in your plan?

If you put together a 1,000 piece puzzle and only have 997 pieces, what will people see? They’ll see only the missing pieces. The good news? AMC has decades of experience and won’t be surprised by anything. We’ve seen it all and are prepared for it all.

Are you kidding yourself?

Regardless of whether you want to be a straight line chiropractor, or have an expansive nutrition practice or diversified functional medicine, you’re in the people business. Until you understand that fact, you could find yourself in a high capital, high overhead, high turnover practice with patients who aren’t compliant, in turn, creating an out-of-balance practice.

We understand you’ve worked hard to be a qualified chiropractor, but that doesn’t guarantee success in business. In all honesty, if you knew how, you’d be doing it right now. The first key toward breakthrough is that additional insight and assistance might be needed.

Expensive Thoughts

Did you know that thoughts can be expensive? Here are some examples:

I've been through chiropractic school. Why should I pay someone else to tell me what to do?

If school taught you how to double your income working half as hard, every chiropractor would already be doing it! That’s definitely not the case. Wise doctors know where they are thriving and where they need growth and are willing to take steps to make that growth happen. Deep down, don’t we all know we have aspects that need help?

I don't need outside help. Besides, I've been warned consultants are a sucking drain whether they produce results or not.

Look at Michael Jordan, Tiger Woods, or any elite practitioner in any field the world over. All of them had coaches their entire career because the best know that there are aspects of their skills that they can’t improve alone. We’re not asking you to take our word for it. Our Grow Guarantee program guarantees that if you don’t see growth in your practice you don’t owe at all. What do you have to lose?

I'm on the edge financially just trying to open. I can't add any more expenses right now.

Definitely, consultants requiring heavy capital outlays pop up practically every day promising you the moon. But what if there was a better way, a way that didn’t involve yet another burden to your overhead? What if there was a way to not only open successfully, but also grow your practice and reduce your overhead? Wouldn’t you take it?

I already know what to do. It will just take a little grinding on my part.

We’ve seen lots of docs spouting crazy stats and burning the candle at both ends. But we’ve also seen that they’re often awash in capital expenses and at best running sideways, barely keeping ahead of expenses. Is that really what you want for your life? If there was a better way, wouldn’t you take it?

How much is $1 million worth to you?

Think about the decisions you make today. Small steps can add up to big changes down the road. If you decide to learn on your own (the hard way) while a practice down the street is willing to ask for expert insight and assistance, you could find yourself losing ground while the practice down the street soars. Over time, the decision you make today could be worth $1 million over just the next few years. How much is $1 million worth to you?

Many of our members experience and make million dollar growth decisions in short order.

They helped me really be confident in who I was as a doctor in a way that I didn't have before the Right Start program. It's decreased my stress and shown me how amazing life can be.

How can AMC help me open a successful practice?

One-on-One Training

With our hands-on coaches, you’ll get accountability, direction, statistical analysis, implementation steps, and someone who will help you search to get past the causes behind ceilings (emotions, mental blocks) in your practice and life. Coaches also act as your guided concierge to help you get where you want to go.

At our regular in-person training conferences (called Boot Camps), you’ll get tools you can implement on Monday. It’s not some random celebrity, it’s all individual coach-led, with people you know and trust, practicing doctors who have used the system and had results.

Training Centers

Training Centers are a way to visit a successful working practice that implements the AMC system. For many doctors it’s a light bulb moment as they realize what a practice can be. These visits are customizable and tailored to each doctor. Doctors who engage with the visit often see 16-19% growth in their own practices within 90 days of a training center visit. It’s two days to change your practice forever.

Fully Integrated Nutrition, Functional Therapies, and Telehealth

With AMC, not only do you get the complete system that can grow your practice, you also get nutrition and functional therapies that aren’t an afterthought. If you want, you can seamlessly build in a complete, integrated practice with nutrition, functional therapies, telehealth, and other ancillary services.

A Family of Support

Spend time with people who are where you want to be, whether that’s financially, emotionally, or in the quality of care provided to patients. AMC is the family you’ve been looking for, people just like you.

Sometimes it feels like the world is big and you’re on an island. With AMC, you don’t have to be alone.

On-demand Library

AMC’s on-demand library is a way to consistently grow. Every time you go back and refine you find new ways to tweak your practice for the better. Regular time with the library will improve consistency in technique/patient interactions, shorten the learning curve and increase profitability in your practice.


CA Coaching

Success in practice depends on more than just you. Strength, efficiency, profitability, come down to how well trained your support staff are. There’s only one of you, if you do everything you’ll be tapping out. CA Coaching helps maximize investment in your team, retain and equip quality team members, and reduce turnover. Re-staffing and retooling is expensive and time-consuming – keep your office working at peak with the right team.

Compare us to the competition

Look, we get it, everybody shops around. Check them out for yourself and compare.

  • AMC is the most effective. Do you really have the time and money to use anything other than a proven system?
  • AMC has the greatest value. Simply put, you get everything you need with no hidden fees or costly add-ons.
  • If you desire it, a fully integrated functional therapies/nutrition program, including telehealth (with no capital expenditure).
  • AMC offers a Grow Guarantee: If you don’t grow, you don’t owe (we’re the only company you’ll talk to who will do this).
  • Hands-on financing tools and assistance.
  • AMC offers classes you can take home and use from day one.

You get what you pay for. Ask yourself why those other groups are so cheap and where the hidden “gotcha” parts are.

  • Do they offer just rah-rah and no substance?
  • Do they only work in certain markets or types of practice?
  • Do they require tons of capital expense and overhead even if they don’t bring you in new patients?
  • Do they require you to do a song-and-dance routine with every patient that’s totally outside of your personality and character?
  • Do they nickle and dime you with a super low entry fee and then add steep increases to get everything you really need? Remember, with AMC you get the full system.


Flexibility for any practice

Every practice is different. That’s why we’ve made it easy for you to choose options that work best for your practice.

Grow Guarantee

Do you want want guaranteed results first? You’ve got it with AMC. With our grow guarantee, you don’t pay a dime unless your practice opens successfully and grows. When you’re talking to other companies, ask them if they’ll give you the same guarantee (hint: they won’t). We’re the only company you will talk to who is confident enough to provide a guarantee like this.

Fixed Costs

Do you want the budget stability of fixed costs? You’ve got it with AMC. Our fixed plans include everything you need, with no hidden fees.

Open a practice with the Right Start

We help chiropractors open respected, effective, and valued practices.

Find out how the AMC system can help you open a successful practice. We’ll get you in contact with a chiropractor who has used the AMC system in their own practice and can answer any questions you may have, no pressure.

Doctor, AMC President Tom Owen wants to talk straight with you.

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