2021 Chiropractic Superconference

July 22-24, Orlando, FL

Your guide to the practice you've always wanted

We help chiropractors become respected, effective, and valued in practice.

Care for your community and still have the time and money to do what you want. Chiropractic is a great profession, and practice should be a joy, not a drag. AMC is made up of chiropractors who have been in your shoes.

Join us for the 2021 Chiropractic Super-Conference and first ever Right Start Symposium!

Be Our Guest!!  Come and experience how you can have the practice you’ve always wanted, reach and help more patients, be the best doctor you can be, and achieve new heights in practice by joining us at our Super-Conference event July 22-23, 2021.  Sit in on member classes, make connections with doctors just like you, and get clarity on what makes AMC unique in helping your practice run the way you have always wanted it to.

Then on Saturday, July 24 for those looking to open a practice (open to students and doctors), AMC Right Start is sponsoring our first ever Right Start Symposium addressing “Forming the Foundations for Financial Freedom”.  It makes sense that in order to build a grand (and stable) structure, a deep and wide foundation must first be laid: For example, the Empire State Building has a 55 feet deep foundation!  To construct a strong and resilient practice which stands the test of time, a similar foundation must be constructed.   In this one-day, value packed event, you will be learning to set your future practice foundation to yield financial freedom alongside our Right Start members in classes like the “6 Biggest Mistakes Leading to Practice Failure” (and how to avoid them), the “Top Traits of Ultra-Resilient Practices and Chiropractors” (and how to be one), “Essential Metrics of a Thriving Practice” (and how to achieve them), and “Ideal Communication for Phenomenal Patient Results and Referrals“.

This guest pass is good for the Super-Conference and/or Right Start Symposium only.  Guests are responsible for booking any needed accommodations and for food.  Further details will be supplied upon registration!  Whether you’re already in practice or looking to open, you will want to be there on time and ready to soak it all in!

Students:  You are welcome to attend Thursday or Friday classes as your class schedule permits as well or Saturday only, however the entire event will be of high value for your success!

Doctor, you don’t have to continually miss your goals. Imagine a chiropractor who is confident, productive, and successful. That limitless chiropractor can be you! We want to see chiropractors respected, effective, and valued in practice.

Want a guest pass?

Keynote Speakers

Wynford Dore

Tom McFie

Elisha Porterfield