Get the skills and tools you need to open a healthy practice

AMC helps chiropractors open practices that are respected, effective, and valued.

Opening a practice without a solid foundation might feel overwhelming

  • Your office procedures and staff training might be cobbled together or non-existent
  • Finding patients and keeping them around doesn’t just happen by accident
  • Financing and collections are often in flux
  • Building in time for family might seem like a “someday” dream

Healthy Patients, Healthy Practice

At AMC, we believe chiropractors should have access to the materials, training, and support network to be able to easily and confidently open a practice and provide superior patient care.

The Tools You Need

What is included in an AMC Membership?

When a chiropractor joins AMC, they are getting access to all the materials, training, and community they need to successfully and confidently open and grow their practice.

When you sign up, we will match you with an expert and build out a customized pre-open plan with you.

What could this mean for your practice?

You can run your practice instead of your practice running you. You can have compliant patients that are happy to refer friends and family. You can have a productive, efficient staff that gives you more time for your family and more time for patient care. Provide superior care to your patients and community. Love being in practice and helping people!

The AMC team can help you build a customized plan to make all these a reality in your practice.

Get the ongoing support and training you need

Whether you are still in school or an associate wanting to start your own practice, it’s important that you have the support and training you need for a better patient and practice experience. Our team of experts is here to support you every step of the way.

It’s time to help you solve root issues in your practice and get on the path to a better tomorrow.

Here's How to Get Started

1. Reach Out

Getting started is simple. We'll schedule a call at a time that's convenient for you. During this call we’ll walk through everything to expect and answer any questions you have.

2. Get Your Pre-Open Plan

We’ll build a custom plan for your pre-opening based on the most important growth areas our experts identify in your practice.

3. Develop Your Practice

Once you have a solid foundation, you’ll be able to open and grow confidently, providing more value for your patients and your practice.

5-Star Rating on Google Reviews

Dr. Candice Forde
Gulfport, MS
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AMC has improved my career, the value I have for chiropractic, and made me a better person. If I could give a higher rating for the quality and compassion of this amazing family, I would! Joining AMC has been the best decision I’ve ever made for my practice.
Dr. Melissa Licari
Tampa, FL
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This is the most authentic, caring group of professionals in chiropractic business and leadership. Not only have they helped us grow our practice, but they have also helped us make the mental shift of “just being a chiropractor” to being a business owner and leader in our community. AMC- we love & appreciate you, and could never thank you enough for how you’ve changed our lives!
Melissa Asher
Seymour, TN
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We started out seeing 25 patients a week to having 65 plus on the books daily... Sure you know how to adjust and treat your patients but do you know how to manage your office? With the AMC system in place and all of our staff on board we have achieved much more than we ever thought possible. We had our best year in collections, even with a pandemic! Thanks to AMC!
Dr. Rob Vallandingham
Sulfur, OK
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AMC has changed my life! Not only have I quadrupled my practice which helps me take better care of my community, but I have learned ways to be a better friend, father, coach and leader in my community! I love the family at AMC and would highly recommend all Chiropractors utilize the the amazing wealth of knowledge.
Dr. Aileen Delacruz
Carmel, IN
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AMC has truly changed my life and STILL continues to do so. Here, you have a family. Joining AMC as a chiropractic student was the best decision I have ever made. I went from just wanting to be an associate (because I was scared of not knowing what to do), to realizing I could own my own structured practice if I wanted! With guidance and support from so many doctors/coaches/professionals of AMC, including my own coach I talk to weekly, my practice, along with my own concepts, continue to grow bigger and stronger each day ! The procedures work!!!
Dr. Wade Lowery
Grand Rapids, MI
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AMC helped me create a self sustaining referral based practice. Been with them since 2007, no gimmicks, not the latest fad marketing ideas, solid based principles and strategies that changed my practice with less stress and effort. Don’t reinvent the wheel.
Dr. Immanuel Morenings
Bristol, VA
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Integrity, Character, Substance, Ethics. I looked for a management company that would meet my needs. I felt that I was trying to re-invent the wheel and [practice] was a struggle. I attended my first conference with a healthy dose of skepticism, ready to leave at the first hint of anything said or done that would compromise my Christian ethic. I listened, I watched, and found that the classes satisfied my Substance and Ethics criteria. As I talked to coaches and the administrative folk, I was amazed at the genuine care and concern they had for me and my situation. They had a plan and recommendations for me that were in my best interest. My decision to hire them on was the best decision I could have made. During the early stages of my rebuilding of my office, they were right there to make sure I had properly trained staff and that I was working smarter, not harder. 5 years have passed and I have seen over and over, the Character and Integrity of this organization from the President to the administrators, to the coaches, the office staff and fellow attendees.

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