Student Boot Camp Ticket


Your ticket is free! However, due to seating limitations, we require a $25 deposit. At the end of classes on Saturday we’ll re-imburse your deposit AND give you $75 towards your hotel room!

Join us September 13 & 14 in Atlanta, GA

Congratulations! You are one of the first 15 registrants for our intensive Chiropractic Bootcamp.

You’ll be enrolled in classes with practicing chiropractors (many of them are looking for associates.) In addition, you’ll be exposed to our comprehensive practice building program, gain valuable networking opportunities and actionable tools to prepare you to launch your own practice successfully.

Who are we? AMC is a group of veteran chiropractors dedicated to advancing chiropractic. We’ve helped thousands of doctors build successful practices over the years and now we want to help you.

This is a life-changing weekend, and to get the full benefit of the material you’ll need to plan on attending from Friday morning at 8:30AM through the end of classes Saturday evening.

Here are a few of the classes you’ll attend:

  • Core Principles Class
    • The Psychology behind patient communication in procedures like Consult and Exam
    • How to handle certain questions and objections in order to help a patient feel heard, understand chiropractic, and make a good decision about their care
    • Learn right alongside practicing doctors
  • Success Class
    • Opportunities to spend times with our members in advanced classes
    • How to get referrals
    • Gain patient retention
    • Profit increase
    • Patient compliance
    • and more
  • Special Student/Right Start Only Classes on Explosive Openings
    • Meet others who are opening and have opened using AMC Right Start and hear their experiences
    • Learn things you need to know in order to open well
  • Plus
    • Opportunities to meet doctors who are looking for Associates and Independent Contractors from all across the country
    • Get to know AMC, who we are and our character so that you can make a good decision about who you work with to do something as important as start your future practice
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