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 Our Chiropractic Coaching Team

Our Coaches are well-trained chiropractic coaching professionals who whole-heartedly serve their fellow colleagues with integrity, honesty and untiring enthusiasm. They won’t pull you up the hill nor will they push you up the hill. Instead, they’ll stand side-by-side with you and walk or run however fast you want to go. We can assure you, you WILL NOT out run them! Our chiropractic coaching team is conveniently located around the nation. No matter your practice size or location, AMC chiropractic coaching can help you succeed.

Dr. Rick Barrows
Dr. Rick BarrowsCoach
Dr. Lisa Beighle
Dr. Lisa BeighleCoach and CA Instructor
Dr. Judy BieryCoach
Dr. George Foedisch
Dr. George FoedischCoach
Dr. John HodnettCoach
Dr. William KrivaCoach
Dr. Melissa Licari
Dr. Melissa LicariCoach
Dr. Rob ScrantonCoach
Dr. Jayson SnyderCoach and Boot Camp Instructor
Dr. Robert VallandinghamCoach
Dr. Lyndsy Johnston
Dr. Lyndsy JohnstonCoach
Dr. Kelly Brauchla
Dr. Kelly BrauchlaCoach and Certified Trainer Instructor
Dr. Tara Horrall
Dr. Tara HorrallCoach
Dr. Nicole Mathey
Dr. Nicole MatheyCoach and Certified Trainer Instructor
Dr. Rick Palma
Dr. Rick PalmaCoach
Dr. Jill Palma
Dr. Jill PalmaCoach
Dr. Amanda Austin
Dr. Amanda AustinCoach

 Our Certified Trainers Team and Chiropractic Assistant Trainer Team

Dr. Rich BenjaminCertified Trainer Instructor
Dr. Clint BrauchlaCertified Trainer Instructor
Dr. Callie SeymourCA Instructor
Barb LockhartCA Instructor
Maria LandersCA Instructor

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