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About AMC

The Owen family has been involved in the field of chiropractic for over 50 plus years and was led into the management arena by learning of the desperate situations many in the profession are facing. Beginning with crippling insurance policies in the 80’s and the managed care systems of the 90’s, many chiropractors have eventually discovered that dollar for dollar they can’t afford to play the insurance game. Yet most don’t know how to play without it.

With the knowledge that over 80% of their colleagues struggle to pay their bills came AMC’s commitment to offer time-tested, concrete solutions to those seeking a better way.

They say, “We didn’t come back into the field of management necessarily to make a dollar. We came back into the field of management to make a difference.” And they mean it. This attitude is proven everyday by their overflowing hearts, their dedication to seeing chiropractors succeed, and their policies such as “If you don’t grow, you don’t owe.”

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At Affordable Management & Consulting, we understand the challenges chiropractors face in today’s economy. Matter of fact, that’s the main reason why we provide a hard-to-beat guarantee that removes all risk for new members from the very beginning.

What’s that guarantee?

By choosing AMC, you’ll receive one full year of chiropractic consulting knowing that if you don’t grow, you don’t owe!

What does that mean?

Simply put, we’ll determine the value of your business similar to how the New York Stock Exchange values Fortune 500 companies — they look at the last quarter of profits to determine the company’s worth.

But, we take it a step further! Upon joining, we’ll average what you’ve been able to produce in practice over the last six months, throw out the high and low months, average the middle four, and then use that number as your initial allowance. Then, if you don’t grow above your established allowance on any given month, you don’t owe!

Bottom line: This becomes a win-win for both parties involved. Matter of fact, a money back guarantee (which other companies may provide) becomes a mute point since there’s no money exchanged unless we actually grow your practice.

Think about it … why would you want to spend your hard-earned money on business strategies that don’t work?

AMC’s business strategies are deeply rooted in a streamlined system of protocols and procedures that were developed by Dr. Tom Owen over 50 years ago. Since that time, thousands of chiropractors from across the United States have successfully utilized AMC’s system for the last 15 years.

And, the results speak for themselves! Just listen, read, or watch the countless testimonials we provide above from actual members.

As you can see, the average AMC member grows anywhere between 10 – 20% to an astounding 400 – 600%. Of course, that type of extraordinary growth depends on many factors including the level your practice enters into our program.

Furthermore, individual results will be directly determined by the following:

  • Intensity of aspiration
  • Willingness to incorporate ideas and processes into both personal and business life
  • Readiness to relate and communicate with our Coaching Team
  • Commitment to play out of one’s comfort zone
  • Willingness to endure transitory periods of discomfort as habits are challenged

You, the AMC Member, are therefore the unquantifiable variable. We cannot guarantee the degree with which you choose to commit to the work. We can, however, guarantee that we will hold to our end of the commitment.

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