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Aligned helps you get the skills and tools you need for your practice and patients to stay healthy.

Customized Plan for Success

Office Training

Hands-on Guidance

Trying to practice without a solid foundation might feel overwhelming

Healthy Patients, Healthy Practice

At Aligned , we believe chiropractors should have access to the marketing, training, and support network to be able to easily and confidently manage their practice and provide superior patient care. Our adaptable system supports both insurance and private pay models, ensuring flexibility and confidence in whichever path you choose.

The Tools You Need

Personalized Mentoring and Accountability

Weekend Training Summits

Online Training Library

Staff Training and Mentoring

Training Centers – High-level Practices in Operation

Peer Support and Networking

Nutrition and Functional Diagnostics

What is included in an Aligned Membership?

When a chiropractor joins Aligned, they are getting access to all the materials, training, and community they need to successfully and confidently manage and grow their practice.

When you sign up, we will match you with an expert and build out a customized 90-day plan with you to jump start your success.

What could this mean for your practice?

Love being in practice and helping people!

The Aligned team can help you build a customized plan to make all these a reality in your practice.

Get the ongoing support and training you need

Whether you are new to practice or decades in, it’s important that you have the support, training, and resources you need for a better patient and practice experience. Our team of experts is here to support you every step of the way, providing essential chiropractic practice management insights and expert chiropractic coaching. It’s time to help you solve root issues in your practice and get on the path to a better tomorrow.





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