Terms & Conditions

This Agreement is made and entered into on the date of purchase, by and between AMC Right Start, Inc., a Florida corporation, with its principal offices at 13111 Atlantic Blvd Suite 3 Jacksonville, FL 32225, hereinafter referred to as AMC, and the purchaser, hereinafter referred to as Student, located at the address given during checkout or any other location or future locations during the term of this agreement.


AMC has been developing a system for chiropractic practices over a 40 year period.  The AMC System consists of advice and recommendations to assist chiropractors in staff training, insurance selection, equipment selection, billing practices and procedures, office selection and management and general practice and personal development. Along with the AMC System, AMC has developed a Right Start program, including guidance, advice and materials, developed from AMC’s assistance in opening numerous chiropractic offices throughout forty (40) years of experience.  The AMC System and Right Start program are primary in this agreement and shall be given to the Student whenever they enter into this agreement.  This will be introduced to the Student within six (6) months of their anticipated graduation date.  AMC offers other services, under the conditions set forth herein, to be utilized for the enhancement of the AMC Student program.  Such services may include: AMC designated mentor calls by an assigned AMC mentor, video site evaluations, basic and advanced classes and workshops which may be on campus or off-campus in various locations, public relations and promotional suggestions and/or materials, training centers (where available), staff training classes and/or materials, video and audio recordings on a variety of personal, business, and practice development subjects, and whenever applicable and practical, services and guidance.  The AMC System and its related services, including the AMC Right Start program, are a unique method for starting and enhancing a chiropractic career or otherwise.  Student has been invited to attend introductory classes, and desires to have the AMC System, including the AMC Right Start Student program, revealed to him/her and have access to receive the advice and recommendations comprising and complementing the AMC System and Right Start program.

NOW THEREFORE, in consideration of the sum due at signing based upon the option chosen by Student in Section 3.01 of the agreement titled Schedule of Fees and other good and valuable consideration, the receipt and sufficiency of which is hereby acknowledged, and the mutual covenants and promises hereinafter contained, the parties (AMC and Doctor) agree as follows:

  1. TERM.

1.01. The term of this Agreement shall begin on the Agreement’s execution by AMC and Student and shall continue for the entire term as a full-time student within an accredited, and recognized Chiropractic College or University by AMC.  This agreement will automatically terminate upon exiting the Chiropractic College or University, or graduation day.  Whichever comes first.


2.01. Right Start Student.  After the membership agreement is executed, by Student, AMC shall reveal to the Student the following items:  access to online video and audio files, books and papers, monthly ongoing material, access to AMC training centers, quarterly workshops and guest speakers, access to attend Student Day at an AMC Boot Camp or Conference, Right Start Mentor to assist and guide the Student.  In addition, within six (6) months of graduation, AMC will provide an Advisory Committee which will consist of successful, experienced Chiropractors, as well as business professionals in order to assist the Student in their next phase of career.

2.02. No Representations. Student hereby contracts with AMC in order to have access to the AMC Student Program.  AMC Student System (including the AMC Right Start program) for establishing and managing a chiropractic practice and to the other AMC services provided herein.  AMC shall extend an additional agreement and other opportunities after graduation if Student wishes to move forward with a designated AMC Program.


3.01. Payment.  In consideration for the AMC Student Program and access to the services provided by AMC set forth herein.  Student agrees to pay AMC, (all payments made payable to AMC) payable at the Student section of the AMC website (www.amcfamily.com) or at its mailing address of 13111 Atlantic Blvd., Suite 3, Jacksonville, Florida 32225, Attention Accounts Receivables, the fee as provided in the Schedule attached hereto and made a part of this Agreement.

In the event of any termination of this Agreement for any reason, any fees owed as of the last day of the month before such event shall be immediately accrued and payable.


(1) Student will pay to AMC a non-refundable membership fee upon Student’s execution of this Agreement; in which the amount will be chosen by Student below.

_____     1. Student will pay a non-refundable membership fee of $99.00 upon Students’s execution of this agreement.

3.02 AMC Boot Camp Participation.  Student fully understands that he/she can’t attend an AMC Boot Camp until they have reached the term of within six (6) months of their graduation day, and offered by AMC Advisory Committee.  However, the Student will be allowed to attend any and all Student Day Workshops at these Boot Camps.

3.03. Non-disclosure.   Student agrees not to share nor divulge, directly or indirectly, any portion of the AMC System to any other person or entity without written permission of AMC. In the event of any disclosure permitted by AMC, Student shall advise such recipient of the confidential nature of the AMC System (including the AMC Right Start program and Student Program) and the services provided, and take all appropriate precautions to insure the confidentiality of the AMC System and its contents.

3.04. Indemnity. Student understands his/her responsibility to research and conform the AMC Student system including marketing efforts to comply with the practice rules and regulations established in his or her state. Student shall be solely responsible for confirming that each part of the AMC System (including the Right Start Student program) and related services complies with the laws and ethical considerations of any state in which the Doctor practices.

3.05. Non-Use of AMC System upon Breach or Termination.  The parties agree that upon completion of this Agreement or when Student ceases to be an AMC Student or upon an Event of Default of this Agreement, Student agrees to no longer use any portion of the AMC System, including but not limited to, the AMC advertising and promotional material as well as any other copyrighted materials and public relation material (excluding the AMC/Doctor infomercial), and AMC will have no further obligation to Student.

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