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Aligned Mentoring for Chiropractors is not like all the traditional “management companies” that are out there. We have a comprehensive A to Z system with every imaginable resource needed – From direct mentoring and support for your chiropractic practice through one-on-one coaching and in-person training conferences, to exclusive savings on equipment, to brokerage services like buying or selling a practice, or even placement in an associateship, Aligned is your one stop shop for all things chiropractic.

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Do you already own a practice? AMC provides a system that has helped thousands of chiropractors transform their existing model into self-sustaining, stress-free, referral-based practices. Click the button above to learn more!

Are you a student, associate, or IC who dreams of opening your own practice, but don’t know how? The Aligned Right Start program has a 100% success rate with the opening of over 2,000 chiropractors who have followed our proven system. Click the button above to learn more!

Are you looking for a turn-key practice to take over instead of building one from scratch? Due to Aligned’s extensive track record, we have connections to countless successful practices that are ready to transition their practice to the next generation. We can help you find and evaluate prospects, acquire financing, and finalize the purchase of your dream practice.

Are you planning your exit strategy from your practice? We offer full brokerage services that handle all the details from evaluating your practice, marketing your practice, connecting you with prospective buyers, and handling the entire process from A to Z.

Are you looking to gain experience right away in a successful and profitable practice? Aligned can connect you with hundreds of practices all over the country that are ready for you to join their team where they can help develop and prepare you for a bright future.

Aligned has a long rich history, for over half a century we have been creating highly profitable, self-sustaining, referral based practices.

At Aligned, we are number one in purpose, principle, and production. We provide life-changing results to our family members by building their concepts, values, purpose, and procedures. Aligned utilizes our experience to produce unsurpassed, client-specific mentoring using our comprehensive system. Coupling this with specific resources and services to increase the impact on each individual practice has led us to help over 10,000 existing offices and open over 2,000 new offices. Embracing all chiropractic techniques, from Diversified to Gonstead, Upper Cervical to Activator, we dedicate ourselves to helping you maximize patient outcomes and grow your practice. By enriching the lives of our members professionally, personally, and financially, we will impact the profession on a daily basis and consistently improve the image of chiropractic.

AMC is rooted in and committed to preserving the true philosophy of Chiropractic with time tested, irrefutable business principles while remaining grounded in strong Christian values.

Our mission is to be fair and profitable to all, uphold moral, legal and ethical standards, and to succeed when our Members succeed. Thus, Aligned is regarded as the quality and market leader of the profession.

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