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AMC covers everything from how to acquire quality new patients to converting patients to lifelong wellness care.


AMC has a long rich history, for over half a century we have been creating highly profitable, self-sustaining, referral based practices. At AMC we are number One in purpose, principle, and production. We provide life changing results to our Family Members by building their concepts, values, purpose and procedures. AMC utilizes our experience to produce unsurpassed client specific coaching and engage them with the best materials and most inspiring instruction within the Chiropractic business. By enriching the lives of our Members professionally, personally, and financially, we will impact the profession and improve the image of Chiropractic.

AMC is rooted in and committed to preserving the true philosophy of Chiropractic with time tested, irrefutable business principles while remaining grounded in strong Christian values. Our mission is to be fair and profitable to all, uphold moral, legal and ethical standards, and to succeed when our Members succeed. Thus, AMC is regarded as the quality and market leader of the profession.

Professional Coaching

AMC has the most outstanding team of coaches in the profession. Every coach has a passion for helping Chiropractors and advancing Chiropractic as a profession. They know success; it is not tied up in heartless scripts and cookie cutter action plans. Each AMC coach is trained to meet your specific needs, in your specific market, for your specific practice.

Training Centers

A valuable part of being an AMC family member is the ability to utilize training centers. Training centers are AMC offices throughout the nation that use the AMC system and procedures, including the way the office is physically set up for efficiency and proper atmosphere.

Certified Training

Certified Trainer Class is an invite-only class held at every boot camp and is designed to help you develop a mastery of the AMC consultation, exam, and reports. Working specifically on voice inflection and body language of the doctor and the patient, it will deepen your level of understanding the “why’s” of the system.

Hands on Training

AMC has designed intense training boot camps to accelerate your mastery of protocol, advance the proficiency of your procedures, and expand your concepts. At the boot camps, you and your staff will receive power packed instruction, learn all levels of patient management, understand the heart of true Chiropractic and become a referral generator. AMC’s nationwide Training Centers allow you and your staff to see the system in action at certified AMC offices.

Online Training

AMC has an online training that is unparalleled in the industry. There are literally hundreds of audio and video recordings available for AMC Students and Members to utilize. These videos are an essential component to an AMC Member’s training. The recordings are provided via CDs, DVDs, as well as complete streaming versions.

Associate Development

We provide a quality associate development program that avoids the common pitfalls typical for this type of endeavor. Priceless Practices can find, screen, hire and train a qualified associate doctor for your practice.

Any Doctor, Any Market, Any Technique

AMC is here to help Chiropractors; from the student in school, opening their first practice, to the Doctor collection $70,000+ per month. AMC works with the Doctor who is struggling financially to the Doctor who is struggling with purpose and passion.

Advanced Management for Chiropractors
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