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Your Path to a Fulfilling Chiropractic Career

Are you a chiropractic student, recent graduate, or seasoned chiropractor seeking the perfect associateship? At Aligned, we understand the challenges you face in finding the right opportunity. We’re here to change the game and ensure you land in a practice where you’re not just an associate, but a valued and mentored professional.

Your Challenges–Our Solutions

Finding the Perfect Fit

Tired of sifting through associateships that promise the world but deliver disappointment? We connect you with practices that match your aspirations.

Balancing Work and Life

Say goodbye to grueling 12-14 hour workdays six days a week. Our placements prioritize your work-life balance.

Gain Confidence

Our objective is not just to land you a job but to develop and mentor you as a young chiropractor. Avoid shady deals and unreliable practices. We ensure you’re in a stable, reliable, and supportive environment.

Fair Compensation

You deserve to be compensated for the value you bring. We advocate for your fair pay and bonuses.

Real Associates, Real Success

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