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Live Webinar: Referral Magnet

Live Webinar | Sept. 28, 2023 | 1:00pm ET

Do you want to learn how to become a new patient magnet through referrals? Join us to hear from Drs. Alejando and Emily Elias on how they have built their practice up to see AND maintain multiple new patients due to referrals a month.

When Drs. Emily & Alejandro Elias opened their practice, they wanted to serve as many people as possible. In that effort, they became very focused on becoming a magnet for new patients…and they haven’t let up. Join us as they explain how they set themselves up for this success and continue to eclipse themselves year after year in their New Patient acquisition strategy!

Becoming a New Patient Magnet

Live Webinar | October 12, 2023 | 1:00 pm ET

Do you want to learn how to be a new patient magnet? Do you want to be able to MAINTAIN the new patients you attract? Join us for a live webinar to learn the steps to make this a reality!

Join us as we walk step by step through how you can set yourself up to be a new patient generating machine. We will explore the mindset of those who achieve great success in new patient acquisition, the actions they take to get there, and the organization it takes to maintain high levels of new patients every month in practice.

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My office achieved the highest total collections and highest CVA of my career! 🙌 

Dr. Tony Rea

We are on an upward trend since joining AMC and finished 2022 with our best year ever! 🥳

Drs. Paul & Heather Fay

Because of my consistent efforts, I saw the most patients I ever have in a day and in a week! 👏

Dr. Suarez

I had a record year in 2022! I’ve grown every year as an AMC member for the last 4 years. My PVA is up to 75 and my CVA has grown by almost 80% since joining! 💪

Dr. Dan Yachter

We have been rocking it with new patients. We had 29 new patients in March and are ready to keep that momentum going as we serve more and more people. 🤘

Drs. Rick and Jill Palma

I set all-time records in patient visit averages, total collections, and collection visit averages in 2022. 👏

Dr. JP Whittaker

I had a $10,000 care plan accepted, which was amazing! 🙏

Dr. Bryan Hedlund

Even with my 4th baby being born, completing my Diplomate, and being a city councilman–our office set new records in patient visits, patient visit averages, collection averages, and grew over 540K in collections! 🙌

Dr. David Davis

I collected $307K in my first year in practice! I also maintained an 85% closing percentage and had a $125 collection visit average. 👍

Dr. Miguel Esquinca

I had my best year ever and grew $147K in collections! 🤩

Dr. Holly Cox

I closed 4 care plans in one day after coming back from the Atlanta Summit! 🥳

Dr. Angie Skokos

I had my best collections year ever and increased 2022 by $240K over 2021! 💪

Dr. Brett Berner