Transition to a More Profitable Cash-Based Practice

Learn how to smoothly transition to a cash-based model that enhances profitability and reduces administrative burdens.

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Hosted by Dr. Shannon McMurtry, AMC Vice President and Director of Coaching

Dr Shannon McMurtry graduated Parker College of Chiropractic in May, 1998. He established a private practice in his home state of Tennessee. The clinic began serving the community in May of 1999. In 2002, he began helping and coaching other chiropractors on how to start and run successful businesses. He sold his clinic to his associate in 2008 to focus full time on helping as many colleagues as possible accomplish their goals by serving others. He works in this effort because he believes DCs achieve success when their clinical, philosophical, and business models are complementary and they have adequate R & R to balance their career and personal lives.

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So many of us dream of having a referral-based practice. It means less stress about building a patient base and more time to focus on what really matters: restoring wellness and changing lives. The tips in this webinar will help you get there.

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