Enjoy Life and Practice

“Abundance in life has to do with balance… with your family, your home life, your finances, and your practice. I’m with Aligned because I want to keep that balance in my life.”
Dr. Rob Vallandingham
Sulfur, OK

Is this your story?

I have a great balance with work and my family.
I can take a vacation when I want.
I have the practice I dreamed of when I was in school.
I work less but still help a lot of people.
My practice is fun again.
I’m living up to my full potential.

Is this what your day looks like?

I spend all my time in the office.
My work and family balance is out of alignment.
I can’t seem to grow my practice any more.
I’ve been emotionally sucked dry at the office.
I’m mentally tired and can’t be who I want to be.
I’m tired of being stressed all the time.

Drs. Palma get more for their hard work now by getting paid what they’re worth. The AMC System gave them the freedom to be who they wanted to be.

We’ve learned to work smarter, not harder. It’s nice to have freedom, and the Aligned System has given us that freedom.
Drs. Rick and Jill Palma
Leeds, AL

Where’s the problem?

Maybe you think your problem is patients. If you kept them, you’d be fine. But it’s deeper than that.

Many doctors cobble together a system from odds and ends. A little marketing here, a little process there, some motivational juice from that seminar, and maybe a bit of technique thrown in for good measure. Friend, this isn’t the foundation you need to build on. If you tried building a skyscraper on a log cabin foundation you’d only get so far. You can only go so far on a shaky foundation!

Everything starts with one word: EFFICIENCY

The best use of your time and resources will bring emotional balance to your life. If your office isn’t efficient, you’ll continue to run into roadblocks. Can we tell you where your efficiency breakdown is? Not at first glance. But the good news is that efficiency is not an external issue, it’s systematic inside your walls. How on earth is that good news? Because it’s not your market, your location, or your marketing. As long as it’s inside, there’s no red flag telling us that AMC can’t help you, except for one thing. That’s your level of commitment.

Do you really want the change? If you won’t admit to efficiency problems, you can stop reading now. We’ll go on to have a great day, but your efficiency problems will still be staring you in the face. As long as it’s systematic, we’re confident we can help you fix it. Is that problem with your staff, office layout, billing, insurance? We don’t know, but wherever that breakdown is we can find it and fix it.

Features of Right Start

We’ve seen it all and fixed it all.





Don’t spend every weekend chasing pennies of returns.

Keep your patients longer and get better acceptance and better results. We get great results with cases like this all the time, and we can help your practice too.

I have been an AMC member for over 22 years. With the principles they have taught me, my associate and I had a record year in 2021. My practice experienced $133K growth over 2020.
Hendersonville, NC

What else is keeping you from enjoying life and practice?

If you put together a 1,000 piece puzzle and only have 997 pieces, what will people see? They’ll see only the missing pieces. The good news? Aligned has decades of experience and won’t be surprised by anything. We’ve seen it all and fixed it all.

Regardless of whether you are a straight line chiropractor, or you have an expansive nutrition practice or diversified functional medicine, you’re in the people business. Until you understand that fact, you could find yourself in a high capital, high overhead, high turnover practice with patients who aren’t compliant, in turn, creating an out-of-balance practice.

We understand you’ve worked hard to be a qualified chiropractor, but that doesn’t guarantee success in business. In all honesty, if you knew how, you’d be doing it right now. The first key toward breakthrough is that additional insight and assistance might be needed.

How much is $1 million worth to you?

Think about the decisions you make today. Small steps can add up to big changes down the road. If you decide to learn on your own (the hard way) while a practice down the street is willing to ask for expert insight and assistance, you could find yourself losing ground while the practice down the street soars. Over time, the decision you make today could be worth $1 million over just the next few years. How much is $1 million worth to you?

My collections grew another 12.62%, my PVA is up to 68 and I collected over $86K in 2021. My practice is positioned to explode in 2022!  I have been fully committed to AMC since 2018 and have attended all bootcamps. It works!
Lake Mary, FL

What are the ways I can grow with AMC?

Customized Approach (One-on-One) 

Aligns’ extensive experience in customized mentoring provides training in essential concepts, protocols, and procedures along with an advanced set of programs to tailor each chiropractor. Aligns genius conversion process allows us to create a successful model that compliments chiropractic specific, any technique, integrated practice, or other ancillary services. We meet and exceed all your operational needs. Help more people, have more fun and make more profit.

Dedicated Support and Tools

A successful practice not only needs a trained doctor but also needs a trained support system & tools. At Aligned, we offer the following integrated services that provide the doctor, staff & patients with the best outcomes. Our enhanced & targeted programs, like certified training centers, CA coaching, nutritional coaching, associate development, financing & leasing assistance, the APEX program (for the more seasoned and advanced chiropractor), seven annual weekend Summits, hundreds of online content & materials for members-only, and regular podcasts that allow for the most significant level of support.

Fully Integrated Nutrition, Diagnostic Testing & Functional Therapies

Well Aligned is a science-based wellness program combining the power of advanced patient diagnostics with customized wellness therapies to create the best patient outcomes. Designed by leading chiropractors, geneticists, nutritionists, naturopath medicine, labs, and functional medicine leaders, Well Aligned helps chiropractors provide the best clinical outcomes for patients by testing and addressing the causes of dysfunction in the body. The program merges core chiropractic and functional therapies – all supported by advanced testing data. Aligned is the only program on the market today featuring this proprietary process revolutionizing chiropractic care across the country.

Complete Practice Resources

Doctor, Aligned President Tom Owen wants to talk straight with you.


We’re so confident in our system, training, and support that we promise you this: If you don’t grow when following your custom growth plan, you don’t owe.

We are here to help chiropractors.

We’ll get you in contact with a chiropractor who has used the Aligned system in their own practice and can answer any questions you may have, no pressure.

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