Confidently Open a Practice

Get the skills and tools you need to open a healthy practice.

I saw that I could open a practice succesfully. There’s so much support here; this place is a family.
Dr. Aileen Delacruz,
Mt. Carmel, IL
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Opening a practice without a solid foundation might feel overwhelming

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Dr. Horrall found success with the Aligned System, but she also found much more as part of the AMC Family.

With the Right Start Program we were making a profit from Day One. We had 100 patients our first month and were up to 800 patient visits a month within six months.
Dr Tara Horrall
Mt. Carmel, IL

Healthy Patients, Healthy Practice

At Aligned, we believe chiropractors should have access to the materials, training, and support network to be able to easily and confidently open a practice and provide superior patient care.

The Tools You Need

What is included in an Aligned Membership?

When a chiropractor joins Aligned, they are getting access to all the materials, training, and community they need to successfully and confidently open and grow their practice.

When you sign up, we will match you with an expert and build out a customized pre-open plan with you.

What could this mean for your practice?

You can run your practice instead of your practice running you. You can have compliant patients that are happy to refer friends and family. You can have a productive, efficient staff that gives you more time for your family and more time for patient care. Provide superior care to your patients and community. Love being in practice and helping people!

The Aligned team can help you build a customized plan to make all these a reality in your practice.

After opening my practice in 2012 with AMC, I officially have a million-dollar practice. In 2021 my practice grew $202k over 2020 with over a million dollars in collections.
Monticello, GA

Get the ongoing support and training you need.

Whether you are still in school or an associate wanting to start your own practice, it’s important that you have the support and training you need for a better patient and practice experience. Our team of experts is here to support you every step of the way.

It’s time to help you get on the path to a better tomorrow and prevent potential issues in your practice.

Here’s How to Get Started


Reach Out 

Getting started is simple. We’ll schedule a call at a time that’s convenient for you. During this call we’ll walk through everything to expect and answer any questions you have.


Get Your Pre-Open Plan 

We’ll build a custom plan for your pre-opening based on the most important growth areas our experts identify in your practice.


Develop Your Practice 

Once you have a solid foundation, you’ll be able to open and grow confidently, providing more value for your patients and your practice.

Expert Help Opening Your Practice With:

Real stories from doctors just like you

We are here to help chiropractors.

We’ll get you in contact with a chiropractor who has used the Aligned system in their own practice and can answer any questions you may have, no pressure.