Bootcamp Weekend

We help chiropractors build respected, effective, and valued practices.

A training weekend with the AMC family is the first step to transforming your practice.

Doc, you can be respected for giving your patients premium care and still have the time and money to do what you want.

We’ve got 3-day training weekends throughout the year that will guide you step-by-step. We’re willing to give you a free, no-strings guest pass to your first one to help you get started right away.

Here's the plan

  1. Start by telling us a little about your practice so we can see where you’re doing great and where you need help. We’ll use this to get you in the classes you need to have a tailored and productive weekend.
  2. We’ll help you find which upcoming date and location works best for you.
  3. Finally, we’ll have a personalized team member available to answer any questions you have.

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The AMC family can guide you to a practice that is admired by your community and peers. It’s a practice that features increased efficiency and more time to do what you want. It’s a practice with better value and outcomes for your patients and boosted collections for you.

With AMC’s help, you can be respected, efficient, and valued in your practice. Stop wasting hours grinding away. Stop stressing about meeting overhead and never getting ahead.

Ever asked yourself any of the following?

  • Financial
    • How do I know if this insurance contract is worthwhile?
    • How much does each patient cost me?
    • Where is my money going?
  • Patients
    • How do I explain the true value of chiropractic to my patients?
    • How do I make my office more appealing to patients?
    • Why aren’t my patients coming back?
  • Staff
    • What do I need to look for in a CA?
    • How do I train my staff to be more efficient?

AMC helps you answer these questions and many, many more. We’re here to see your practice succeed! The AMC system works with any doctor, in any market, using any technique.

“FREE? Really?” Yep. Normally our boot camp weekends are exclusively available to our members, but we’ll give you complimentary access to one entire weekend. Join us to learn how to grow your practice with tons of real world, practical training and advice from successful doctors and experts working right alongside you. Complete the form below to get your FREE PASS.