Hey Doc, this is Dr. Greg Miller.

By June 24th, the first 24 chiropractors will receive 24% off of our services. It’s
 an amazing opportunity to become part of the AMC family of doctors.

This month is the 24th anniversary of AMC. For over 24 outstanding years we have helped thousands of doctors get their practices back. To celebrate, we are offering the chance to experience this growth in your practice and a savings of 24%. Here’s a little more about the AMC Family:

  • We have been helping chiropractors for 24 years
  • We have the best practice analysis and training seminars in the industry
  • Our system is designed by chiropractors for chiropractors
  • It’s easy, effective, and will help you find joy in practice
  • Our materials are available digitally 
  • Our certified training centers and analysis grew our doctors 43% on average last year!
  • We back our product with a written, 100% Satisfaction Guarantee

For those of you looking to integrate functional therapies into your practice, this deal includes the Well Aligned Program.
Well Aligned was developed BY chiropractors FOR chiropractors, we use both DNA saliva testing and dry blood testing to produce results that are second to none.

What you can expect:

  • DNA-based chiropractic care plans featuring functional therapies 
  • Increase your collections (doctors are seeing increases up to $30/visit) 
  • Seamless integration with your practice, this can be administered 100% by your staff. 
  • No increases in overhead, inventory expenses, additional capital expenditures or leases.
  • Just a handful of new patients each month can easily grow your practice $150-$200K in a year.

Dr. Ben Lerner 5 Minute overview

So Doctor,

I strongly encourage you to reach out as soon as possible, whether you’ve been a member in the past or are new to the AMC System. Due to the nature of this offer, we can only accept the first 24 applicants!

Please reach out via text or email, or simply call me asap. 
Dr. Greg Miller
Text: 904-674-3730
Call: 423-826-0044
Email: drmiller@amcfamily.com

Contact us to get your 24% Off!

  • If you prefer texting, let us know a good mobile number to reach you at.