This 35 second video may change your practice forever.

Ever asked yourself any of the following?

  • Financial
    • How do I convert to a cash practice?
    • How much does each patient cost me?
    • Where is my money going?
  • Patients
    • How do I explain the true value of chiropractic to my patients?
    • How do I make my office more welcoming and appealing to patients?
    • Why aren’t my patients coming back?
  • Staff
    • What do I need to look for in a CA?
    • How do I train my staff to be more efficient?

AMC helps you answer these questions and many, many more. We’re here to see your practice succeed! The AMC system works with any doctor, in any market, using any technique. And, as always, if your practice doesn’t grow, you don’t owe us anything.

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Take your practice from good to great

Watch more stories from real doctors who have grown their practices with the AMC system.

You studied anatomy, not business

We get it. Maybe you’d heard management companies were just pom-poms and useless feel-goods. We’re different. With AMC, you’ll get practical, no-nonsense, hands-on training and advice from successful doctors and experts working right alongside you.

You’ll integrate a system that has excelled in helping tens of thousands of DC’s for over 50 years. Watch your practice go from good to great!

They didn’t teach this in school

Caring for your patients is a full-time job. That doesn’t leave much time for studying things like efficient office flow, patient compliance training, referral practicing, marketing, and business management.

You’re a seasoned practitioner, but maybe you’ve found it challenging to sort through the nonsense to find the gem of real solutions you need to take your practice to the next level. AMC is designed to fill those gaps and give your practice the edge you need to be the success story you always hoped for.