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The AMC system has been around the chiropractic profession since the early 1950’s.  While we have helped over 10,000 Chiropractors and have helped open more than 2,500 new practices—we have decided to provide over five decades of an entire proven system to Chiropractors via Online as well as the AMC Family App.

What Practice and Business tools will I learn?

Foundational business and practice Principles are tied into every video, audio, pdf and webinar series teaching you the A-Zs of Effective, Efficient, and Profitable Practice.



The Online AMC system will teach you the proven principles and procedures that create long term success and enjoyment, instead of just focusing on short term scripts, gadgets or slick marketing to address the symptoms of few new patients,  stagnant production and  suffering profits.

Proper office procedures

  • Consultation, Exam, Reports
  • Treatment options
  • Office visits
  • Compliance
  • Staff training
  • Staff referrals
  • Referral tools
  • Maintenance/retention
  • Recalls
  • Internal Promotion

Proper office organization

  • Appointment book
  • Patient processing
  • Patient flow
  • Office layout
  • Financial preparing
  • Business Statistics
  • Staff meetings
  • Dress codes

Proper Concepts (Library of Concept expanding audios and videos)

  • Practice
  • Production
  • Goals
  • Compliance
  • Referrals
  • Money
  • Staff

We have divided the Trainings into weekly segment getting you the tools and concepts into your hands as quickly and in a manner you can digest and most importantly implement and you will see results immediately.  Each lesson builds on the previous to construct your rock solid practice foundation and efficient system.

The primary reason for breaking all the information down into monthly and weekly trainings is because 50 plus years of experience, procedures and concepts and proven systems will overwhelm you.  

Each training segment comes directly to you at your computer, tablet or smart phone, complete with introduction and instructional videos that will guide you through the materials and most importantly how to quickly implement what you’ve learned. 

As an Added Bonus!

Our Online AMC Directors & Coaches have committed to connect with you once a quarter for an exclusive one on one, 30-minute teleconference.  Our goal is to help you stay focused, implement effectively and succeed immediately.   We are committed in your success and satisfaction.  In addition, you are also invited to participate in one Boot Camp annually—which will allow you to meet other AMC Chiropractors, interact with Coaching & Staff, as well as learn additional valuable content.  

All of this at one-third the Cost of traditional Management Company costs.

See how easy it is to revolutionize your practice now!