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Guaranteed Growth for Your Practice

At AMC, we do more than just support your growth as a chiropractor—we empower you to excel in Activator care.

Our tailored system, provides the precision tools you need to exceed patient expectations and reach your full potential as both a chiropractor and a business owner. With three decades of experience helping Activator Doctors flourish, our foundation is built on solid chiropractic principles and philosophy. In fact, many of our directors and mentors themselves have scaled their own activator practices to new heights utilizing the same system you will experience with full access

Why Choose AMC?

“If you don’t grow, then you don’t owe.”

Activator care is more than just a technique—it's a calling focused on precision and patient comfort!

Our approach extends beyond the method itself, incorporating a business system rooted in principles that amplify your patient-centered philosophy.

Ready To Take The Next Step?

Our partnership offers more than guidance—it provides a tailored path to success for precision-focused Activator chiropractors. If you’re ready to elevate your practice and lead in Activator care, book a free consultation today.


“As a new chiropractor who purchased an existing practice, I was completely overwhelmed and lacked confidence in running the business side. AMC has been a wonderful resource and supportive family that helped me grow my skills and mindset. Even though my situation was non-traditional, AMC provided invaluable guidance on being an effective owner and practitioner. Their training allowed me to start truly enjoying my job again and looking forward to the challenges of helping more patients improve their overall health and lives. AMC’s caring approach makes all the difference for doctors like me.”

Albany, GA

Get the ongoing support and training you need

Whether you’re new to practice or have decades of experience, having the right support, training, and resources is essential for a thriving patient and practice experience. Our expert team provides tailored insights for Activator chiropractors, helping you tackle core challenges and achieve success.

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Whether you specialize in Activator, Upper Cervical, Diversified, or Gonstead, we support all chiropractic techniques. Let us help you maximize patient outcomes and grow your practice. Book a consultation today and take the first step towards building a more rewarding, successful career.


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