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With our proven system and personalized approach, we guarantee your practice will grow.

Custom Growth Plan That Aligns with Your Goals

Hands-on Guidance Every Step of the Way

Guaranteed Growth for Your Practice

At AMC, we go beyond simply supporting your growth as a chiropractor—we empower you to excel in Gonstead care.

Our customized system, endorsed by industry leaders, equips you with the precision tools needed to surpass patient expectations and reach your full potential as both a chiropractor and a business owner. With 30 years of expertise in helping Gonstead Doctors succeed, we are deeply rooted in Chiropractic principles and philosophy.  In fact, our entire system was designed to function within the Gonstead model. Our founder, Dr. Tom Owen was a 50-year Gonstead practitioner with hundreds of personal offices. The entire Owen family was close personal friends of Dr. Clarence Gonstead. On many occasions, Dr. Gonstead was quoted saying “If you want to learn how to get sick people well then come see me but if you want to learn how to run a successful chiropractic office then see Dr. Tom Owen.”

Why Choose AMC?

“If you don’t grow, then you don’t owe.”

Gonstead care is more than a technique—it's a commitment to precision and patient outcomes.

Our approach goes beyond the method itself, incorporating a business system grounded in principles that amplify your patient-centered philosophy.

Ready To Take The Next Step?

Our partnership offers more than just guidance—it provides a customized path to success for precision-focused Gonstead chiropractors. If you’re ready to enhance your practice and lead in Gonstead care, book a free consultation today.


“We were struggling in our chiropractic practice until we attended an AMC seminar in Minneapolis in 2013, even driving through a blizzard to get there. After implementing what we learned, our practice exploded – going from $5,000 per month to a best of $70,000 per month. The coaching and systems from AMC, especially Dr. Greg Miller, completely transformed our practice. We are constantly striving to get to the next level by learning from AMC’s top performing clinics. AMC’s training was a total game-changer for our practice.”

Wenatchee, WA

Continuous Support and Specialized Training

Whether you’re new to practice or have decades of experience, having the right support, training, and resources is crucial for a thriving patient and practice experience. Our expert team provides tailored insights for Gonstead chiropractors, helping you address core challenges and achieve success.

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Don't let your dream of running an outstanding chiropractic practice slip away.

Whether you specialize in Gonstead, Upper Cervical, Activator, or Diversified techniques, we support all chiropractic methods. Let us help you enhance patient outcomes and grow your practice. Book a consultation today and take the first step towards a more rewarding, successful career.


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