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Guaranteed Growth for Your Practice

At AMC, we don’t just support your growth as a Chiropractor—we empower you to thrive as a leader in upper cervical care.

Our tailored system, which has garnered the support of renowned leaders like Dr. Julie Hunt and Dr. Roy Sweat, ensures you have the tools to exceed patient expectations and maximize your potential as a Chiropractor and Business Owner. We have specialized in helping Upper Cervical Doctors succeed for 30 years, and boast a deep history of Chiropractic principles & philosophy.

Why Choose AMC?

“If you don’t grow, then you don’t owe.”

Upper Cervical care is more than a technique— It’s a calling!

That’s why our approach goes beyond technique, encompassing a business system of principles that amplifies your patient-centered philosophy.

Ready To Take The Next Step?

If you’re ready to transform your practice and lead in the field of Upper Cervical care, book a free consultation today.


“AMC taught me that growth comes from discomfort. After 23 years in practice, we had our best month ever, thanks to their guidance. It truly takes a village, and AMC has been mine, proving that even a seasoned chiropractor can benefit from their support.”


“Since joining AMC in 2003, their principles and tools have been invaluable, especially during my transition to a cash practice. This past year has been my best physically, emotionally, and mentally, as I’ve returned to focusing on true chiropractic care. AMC gave me the confidence to make this change, improving both my referrals and the overall energy in my office.”


“AMC’s collaboration propelled us to new heights.”

Dr. Julie Hunt - DC, DICCP, FCCJP

“When we approached AMC, we were just about to graduate and had high ambitions for our future practice. We were committed to specializing in Knee Chest Upper Cervical care and wanted to help as many people as possible. With the burden of two student loans, we needed to have an explosive opening. The ‘Right Start’ program provided us a clear, step-by-step plan to help us reach our goals. In our first month, we collected $20,000 over our overhead. Now we’re two years into our journey and we’re proud to run a million-dollar practice. We’ve expanded our team, grown our family, and now have the opportunity to give back to the community.”

Dr. Alejandro & Emily Elias — Abilene, TX

“Joining AMC was a pivotal decision in my career. I have more than doubled my practice in patient visits and collections, mostly with referrals, growing it to the million-dollar level and delivering over 8,000 adjustments annually. Now, I enjoy the freedom to take multiple vacations each year, have paid off my practice building, and have the privilege of giving back to the chiropractic profession.”

Dr. Jeremiah Bursch - Sauk Rapids, MN

Get the ongoing support and training you need

Whether you are new to practice or decades in, it’s important that you have the support, training, and resources you need for a better patient and practice experience. Our team of experts is here to support you every step of the way, providing essential chiropractic practice management insights and expert chiropractic coaching. It’s time to help you solve root issues in your practice and get on the path to a better tomorrow.





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Don’t let your dream of running an exceptional chiropractic practice slip away.

Don’t let your dream of running an exceptional chiropractic practice slip away. Whether you specialize in Upper Cervical, Activator, Diversified, or Gonstead, we support all chiropractic techniques. Let us help you maximize patient outcomes and grow your practice. Book a consultation today and take the first step towards building a more rewarding, successful career.


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