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The Well Aligned Program

Welcome to The Well Aligned Program.  Here, you will learn all the essential concepts, protocols, procedures, and all aspects of business. Also, referrals, marketing, patient management, and specific advanced functional therapies such as Pain, Neuropathy, Fibromyalgia, DNA, Genomics & Nutrigenomics (never before provided at this level within the Chiropractic industry) services and Blood Testing for patients with nutraceutical metabolism/use and reporting on things like inflammation, metabolism, allergies, weight loss, diabetes, cancer, cardiac disease, and thyroid.

Dr. Ben Lerner explains the Well Aligned Program

Well Aligned Steps

The unique and industry only program which provides over fifty (50) years of proven Coaching and Chiropractic business expertise, along with the most advanced functional therapies will not only allow you to learn all aspects of managing your Chiropractic clinic & patients, but, how to properly implement these additional therapies into your daily system.  This is the most optimal way to systematically grow your practice, patients and revenue while providing what’s best for your patients.  You will be able to access all of the tests, marketing, video protocols, and video concepts all via the member dashboard within the AMC Family website. 

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By far, this level of coaching and advanced functional testing & therapies for under a thousand dollars a month is unprecedented within the Chiropractic industry.  Act now, by contacting Dr. Greg Miller for information on how to get started.

Well Aligned for Chiropractors

  • Truly turnkey, science-based wellness programs, that can add six (6) figures or even multiple six (6) figures in revenue to your practice without adding extra hours.
  • Attract 100s of new patients that need you, but have never been able to reach before and with whom badly need your help.
  • Add services to your existing patient care plans that they want right now or will be forced to go somewhere else to receive in the future
  • Truly customized programs based on revolutionary testing technology
  • Test blood and saliva through a cutting-edge process that does not require expensive labs or sending patients out to labs or other providers.
  • Focusing on ease of implementation and result reporting that makes it simple for patients to understand, pay for, and commit.
  • Results come with easy to understand and follow; blue-printed reports for the patient and doctor.
  • Can be partly or totally staff-driven, so that the extra program and revenue means more balance and more quality of life.
  • Intensive support for doctors and their staff by the best coaches in Chiropractic

Science-based Wellness

  • A total, customized wellness program for health professionals.
  • Allows chiropractic clinics to offer easy to manage patient testing, science-based wellness programs, and custom supplementation and lifestyle recommendations while generating significant, additional cash revenue for the practice.

Well Aligned Foundations

Thomas A. Owen, III (Founder of AMC) and Dr. Ben Lerner (Founder of Maximized Living & New York Times Best Selling Author), forged a relationship several years ago to improve the careers, lifestyles, and economics for Chiropractors and patients. At that time, It was apparent to both of them that they needed to create a program which would merge chiropractic care & functional advanced therapies that was supported by a proven, and long-term coaching and complete business system to all Chiropractors. 

Besides Dr. Ben Lerner and Thomas A. Owen, III, industry experts in DNA, Nutrition, Hormone Science, and Lab Technicians assure that this unique model is unlike any other within the industry.  The program will provide the best clinical outcomes for patients by testing for and addressing the cause of dysfunction, rather than focusing on symptoms.

Well Aligned Outcomes

Chiropractors have critical factors for making this change towards doing business.  First, is the desire to find a means of competing effectively with health care changes, as well as initiate a relationship with their patients that we believe has the potential to have a significant impact on the delivery of quality and cost-effective health care, and at the same time promote and establish healthcare and wellness by means of Chiropractic & advancements in therapies, services, products and responsibility. 

Well Aligned for patients

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