Palmer FL student event

January 12, 2023
3:00 pm
1396 Dunlawton Ave, Port Orange, Florida 32127-7953, US

Join Dr. Tara Horrall as she discusses 5 Steps that any student can start NOW that will benefit them as they plan to open a practice.  This info can be implemented even before starting chiropractic school and is suitable for any chiropractic student- Tri 1 to Quarter 14.  Appetizers will be served so please register now!


Dr. Tara Horrall graduated in 2003 from Palmer Davenport, associated upon graduation, and opened her own cash practice in 2006 using the Aligned Right Start program.  By doing exactly what Right Start teaches, she opened with 103 NP her very first month in practice (and made profit month 1) and grew to over 600PV within 6 months of practice.  Due to her success and love for other chiropractors, she began mentoring others with Aligned in 2008, helping them to open and craft their dream practices.  She has a passion for ensuring the future of chiropractic through raising up the next generation of chiropractors with not only chiropractic knowledge but also sound, time-tested, reproducible business principles and procedures to get patients the very best experience and results possible.


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