Right Start Zoom Meet-Up

Dr. Kyle Bloch: Associateships
June 17, 2021
2:00 pm
947 7204 8001

After an undesirable associateship left him burned out and questioning why he chose chiropractic, Dr. Bloch knew he had learned how he didn’t want to practice. What he didn’t know was how to create what he DID want, and that’s where AMC stepped in. From when he joined AMC in 2019 until now, Dr. Kyle Bloch has reignited his fire for chiropractic, helped a lot more people, and achieved a level financially that he can do what he wants, when he wants. You won’t want to miss talking to this 2011 Palmer IA grad practicing just outside Washington, DC, as he has a heart for seeing students and chiropractors successful just as big as that for helping patients!

We will also discuss the ins and outs of a stellar associateship and how to be the best associate!

Right Start Zoom Meet-Ups are open to anyone looking to open a practice.  Each meet-up, Dr. Tara Horrall has a guest speaker tell the story of their AMC experience, participants have the opportunity to ask questions, and valuable practice content is shared.  These are a great way to learn about AMC Right Start in a no strings attached environment, gain knowledge, and learn from the experience of those already doing what you want to do.



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