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Student Program.

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Prepare for success with our Student Program

The Student Program gives students the tools necessary to run a business, acquire new patients and convert them to lifelong chiropractic patients while still in school, thus preparing them for ultra success upon graduation. The AMC Student Program is designed to prepare you for ultimate success, while allowing you the opportunity to explore all options within your profession.

You’ll receive:

  • Audio and video training sessions via access through our student member-only website. These sessions cover concepts, principles, philosophy, and procedures.
  • Special student day workshops at some of our 10 Boot Camp Conferences annually.
  • Opportunity to visit, observe, and work within many of our active practice AMC training centers.
  • A designated experienced, successful AMC Chiropractor will be assigned to you as a personal mentor and advisor.
  • Quarterly guest speakers and workshops on or around campus.
  • Within six (6) months of your graduation date you will have the chance to meet with an expert Advisory Committee which will consist of successful Chiropractors and business professionals to help you with your decision and planning on moving into your career path after graduation.  This will consist of any/all options that you may be thinking:  Opening your own Clinic, Associateship, Interning, Independent Contractor, and potential other opportunities.