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A Message from Dr. Greg Miller

Chasing ANTs

May Bootcamp Registration

The hotel room block closes May 1st, and more rooms may NOT be available after this date. Register for your hotel rooms this week, leaders live on time! 

AMC Classes
This is the last chance to attend Success Lyceum, Part II
Don’t miss Dr. McMurtry and Mark Cook of Stratam!
  • Specific Points and Strategies to Make Practices Profitable
Well Aligned Classes
The following classes are only available to Well Aligned Members. If you are interested in joining the Well Aligned Program, contact Dr. Greg Miller (drmiller@amcfamily.com) for more information.
Why Test Inflammation, Vitamin D, Iron, DNA, and Food Allergies 
(Thursday, May 16th 1:30-6pm)
  • What is the Condition Specific Program and where are the points of opportunity
  • Patient financials
  • The patient processes; How it fits into your office system
  • Launching the program successfully
  • Patient protocols based on each type of test or level of care
  • Navigating the educational portal
  • Marketing portal and practices
Taking your fibromyalgia, neuropathy, and injury services to another level
(Thursday, May 16th 3 – 6 PM)
  • Attracting condition specific patients
  • Who qualifies as a patient in this category
  • Best protocols and practices for results
  • Training your condition specific technician (Great event to bring them to)

FAB 2019 Registration

It’s time to make a commitment! 

The FAB weekend is designed to move the needle, both in your practice and at home. July is right around the corner and our rooms are already filling up! Don’t put this off, bring your family and enjoy a tax-deductible vacation.

Here are some highlights to look forward to 

  • Featured Guest: Frank Candy, author of over 19 books, gold medal winner, and business culture expert
  • Saturday Night Social: a time to unwind, socialize, and reconnect with the AMC Community!
  • Certified Training Workshops: hands on training in new practice impact subject matter
  • more details to come!!!

Our Goal & How You Can Help

Our goal is to see every chiropractor build a self sustaining, stress free, referral based practice! 

By giving us a positive Google review, you can spread the word. It will only take 5 minutes of your time! To write a review, simply click on the review button below. If you’ve already done so, you have our gratitude.

Honorable Mentions

  • Dr. Greg Haddock: (1st Quarter) 2018 Services: $8,988, 2019 Services: $32,348; 2018 Collections: $9,021, 2019 Collections: $24,530. This has made a big difference

  •  Dr. Mark Lockhart collected $21,000 more in the first quarter of 2019 than he did first quarter last year!

"-- "No good effort is ever wasted!" --