AMC Speaks

Need a speaker for your chiropractic event?

We love chiropractic the way you love chiropractic. If you’d like a speaker for any chiropractic-related topic, we’d love to help make your event successful!

How to book a speaker

For more information about booking a speaker for your event, contact Brandi Pavey.

Email: bpavey@amcfamily.com
Call or Text: 425-563-3903

Some of our speakers

Dr. Shannon McMurtry

Dr Shannon McMurtry graduated Parker College of Chiropractic in May, 1998. He established a private practice in his home state of Tennessee.  The clinic began serving the community in May of 1999.  In 2002, he began helping and coaching other chiropractors on how to start and run successful businesses. He sold his clinic to his associate in 2008 to focus full time on helping as many colleagues as possible accomplish their goals by serving others.

He works in this effort because he believes DCs achieve success when their clinical, philosophical, and business models are complementary and they have adequate R & R to balance their career and personal lives.

Dr. Todd Osborne

Chiropractor and national speaker, Dr. Osborne has helped thousands of chiropractors deliver top quality care to their communities. He has extensive post-graduate education in Activator Methods and hundreds of hours of continued education in Upper Cervical, Neurology, and is a Board Certified Atlas Orthogonist.

Dr. Jeremy Brubaker

Graduate of Palmer College, Dr. Brubaker is a Gonstead doctor focused on wellness and performance-based care. He earned his CSCS (certified sports conditioning specialist) and with the guidance of AMC opened a successful practice.

In addition to being an award winning client, coach and office evaluation specialist, Dr. Jeremy serves as AMC’s East Division and Right Start Director. He speaks to doctors and students all over the country in hopes of making a positive impact on their future.

Dr. Greg Miller

Dr. Greg Miller is coach, director, and instructor with the AMC Family. After launching and running a successful Gonstead practice in Kearney, NE, Dr. Miller transitioned into full-time coaching, helping other chiropractors find the same success he saw in his own practice with the AMC System.