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These two decisions will impact the profit and longevity of your practice

Tom Owen, AMC President

How to market your practice effectively

Dr. Jeremy Brubaker

Do you know what's eating your money?

Dr. Tara Horrall

How to find and hire the right staff

Dr. Shannon McMurtry

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I opened my practice the right way

Dr. Eddie Johns

Common issues that ruin great staff

Dr. Shannon McMurtry

Keeping the right team long term

Dr. Shannon McMurtry

My chiropractic practice keeps growing

Dr. Dominic Scaramozi

Exclusive Student Club Content

Unlock access to these videos, audios, and e-books by joining the Right Start Student Club. It’s free!

A successful future starts today

Dr. Tara Horrall (4 Min)

10 Things to know before you open a practice

Dr. Jeremy Brubaker (29 Min)

Dress code white coat

Dr. Todd Osborne (25 Min)

10 Things I wish I knew in school

Dr. Todd Osborne (53 Min)

The best choice for your future

Dr. Ben Lerner (10 Min)

Keys to a successful consultation

Tom Owen (7 Min)

Nail your consultation, exam, and report of findings

Tom Owen (17 Min)

Building value in chiropractic

Dr. Bill Kriva (35 Min)

Advanced imaging of the cervicocranial junction

Dr. Julie Mayer Hunt (1 Hr 11 Min)

Marketing and Screenings

59 Min

Exclusive Student Club Content

Unlock access to these videos, audios, and e-books by joining the Right Start Student Club. It’s free!

Chiropractic From the Businessman's Perspective

Chiropractic From a Businessman's Perspective

63 page e-book

From the introduction: The average chiropractor or chiropractic student has spent anywhere from $150,000 to $200,000 to be educated in the philosophy, science, and art of chiropractic. However, after they graduate, they still have little to no business education or experience specific to running a chiropractic practice. It’s not that a chiropractic education isn’t worth that amount of money; it’s just that our colleges don’t teach many of these specific business principles. Many “second career” chiropractors may have had prior education or work experience in “business”, yet there exists a unique set of skills and knowledge that is necessary for the chiropractic entrepreneur.

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