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Dr. Tara Horrall

When Dr. Tara was 17, she started having shoulder pain, went to a chiropractor, and found relief- plus with continued maintenance care, her body finally resolved long-standing recurrent UTI’s!  That’s when she knew she wanted to devote her life to giving hope and help to others just like she had found from chiropractic care without the side effects of drugs and surgeries.  Upon graduating from Palmer College of Chiropractic in Davenport, IA in 2003, she associated in an office that used the Aligned system and fell in love with how it just made sense and worked to educate patients so they “got the Big Idea” of chiropractic.  She then associated in an office that used other systems and saw a huge difference in the efficiency and effectiveness of that office, especially when her paycheck started bouncing every two weeks.  Frustrated with her current situation and ready for change, she opened her own office in 2006 using the Right Start program, opening in profit from her first month, paying off her office loan in 3 years, and serving more patients than she’d ever imaged more quickly than she could have dreamed.  In 2008, she started helping other doctors reach their goals and potential through coaching and in 2019 committed her focus full time to helping chiropractic students avoid pitfalls and reach success.  Besides her family, her greatest joy is seeing others reach their full potential.  When she’s not traveling to schools and Aligned Summits teaching, she enjoys spending her time hanging out at the beach, pool, or church with her husband, Matt, and their two young girls.

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