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Tom Owen III

Founder & President

Tom Owen has loved chiropractic from day one! Growing up with Dr. Thomas Owen Jr. (the chiropractor’s chiropractor) for a father, Tom spent his childhood in the offices of many of the chiropractic greats like Dr. Clarence Gonstead, Dr. Roy Sweat, Dr. William Harris and many more. There are even pictures of Tom in diapers checking patients with nervoscopes!

This experience, combined with close connections with financial minds like Tom Sloan and Sidney Platt, have given Tom a unique background and career. He has a combination of passion for chiropractic care and a sharp business mind, making him a priceless asset to the chiropractic profession.

Tom has spent the last 35 years in the trenches of the chiropractic world, with experiences in opening and directing multiple mega-clinics, to helping establish the most impactful mentoring company in chiropractic. He has lectured from coast-to-coast for tens of thousands of chiropractors, specialty groups, as well as colleges. Tom enjoys using his unique background, experience, and knowledge to mentor chiropractors, help them not only thrive in their profession but in their life overall.

His mission is “to change the face of chiropractic. Some DC’s will come and go, laws may change, and third-party coverage may disappear, but in the end there will be an army of chiropractors that will stand the test of time by delivering quality chiropractic in stress free, self-sustaining, referral-based practices.”

Outside of work, Tom enjoys spending time with his family, boating and fishing as well as riding his motorcycle.

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