Dr. Alyce Duffer

Dr. Alyce Duffer was struggling trying to find anything which would allow her business to produce enough revenue so that she didn’t have to continue to support it with savings. She is a wonderful person with a tremendous “can do” attitude and willing to do whatever it takes. Those are great qualities but not helpful when you don’t know WHAT to do! Aligned provided ‘the what’, ‘the how’, and most importantly, ‘the why’. Things began to improve in her first month since joining! And it is a good thing they did because just a few months later her office was flooded by rain, but thankfully they recovered quickly. Then, hurricane Harvey destroyed their office! They found a new one and started over…with tarps dividing the space because everyone in the Houston area was rebuilding and there were no contractors available. She made it through with flying colors and did better in practice than ever before! None of this would be possible without Aligned, our system, our mentoring, and our support.