Tom Owen III

If you researched Tom Owen’s life, you would find one of the most UNIQUE backgrounds found in ALL of chiropractic. You see, Tom literally grew up in chiropractic. There are pictures of Tom in diapers checking patients with nervoscopes.

It has been said that he spent more time in the private offices of some of the greatest chiropractors in history than he did in school. He literally spent tens of thousands of hours traveling with his father, Dr. Thomas Owen Jr., which anyone can tell you is a chiropractic legend that is known as the chiropractors chiropractor.

During these travels, Tom was surrounded by chiropractic greats such as Dr. Clarence Gonstead, Dr. Roy Sweat, Dr. William Harris, Drs. John and Bert Boutwell, Dr. Jim Revels, Dr. Burt Pierce and the list goes on.

Now, if that was where it stopped, then maybe his background might not be the most unique because there may be a few others walking the earth with some of the same influences. But, what separates Tom Owen from all packs is his very close relations with some great business minds that had nothing to do with chiropractic. Business and financial greats like Tom Sloan and Sidney Platt were intricately involved in forming a most special combination that is found in Tom Owen. The combination of a heart that burns with a passion for chiropractic and a sharp mind for business is priceless for a profession that is starving for both. At this point in his career there are over ten thousand chiropractors that would agree.

Tom has now spent the last 25 years in the day-to-day trenches of chiropractic with experiences ranging from the opening and directorship of multiple mega-clinics to the day-to-day operations of the most influential management company in the history of chiropractic. He has lectured from coast-to-coast for tens of thousands of chiropractors, specialty groups, as well as colleges.

He says his mission is and always will be “to change the face of chiropractic. Some DC’s will come and go, laws may change, third party coverage may disappear but in the end there will be an army of chiropractors that will stand the test of time by delivering quality chiropractic in stress free, self-sustaining, referral practices.”

There is another quote from Tom that probably sums his life up most where he states that “in the end all that is left are the lives we’ve touched and to what extent they were changed”. 

In the end, all that is left are the lives we’ve touched and to what extent they were changed.