Associate Development

Associate Development with Priceless Practices for Chiropractors

Priceless Practices Program is like the CER for how to find, screen, hire, train and develop an associate doctor for your practice. It will answer such questions as:

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Our Mission

To provide a quality associate development program that avoids the common pitfalls typical for this type of endeavor. Priceless Practices can find, screen, hire and train a qualified associate doctor for your practice.

What’s Included in Associate Development?

  • An in-depth manual of instructions accompanied by hours of video explaining the real ins and outs of associate development practicing.
  • Monthly conference calls about associate development.
  • On-going phone and e-mail support as you continue associate development.
  • The opportunity to venture into satellite clinic practicing.
  • You will learn a time-proven system of associate development that will challenge you in ways you never imagined.

Ask Yourself:

  • Are you tired of doing all of the work yourself?
  • Would you like more free time?
  • Do you want to create a legacy?
  • Would you like to help other chiropractors?
  • How do I know I’m ready?

Call or click today and start designing the practice of your future.

Call (877) 262-7117 for your personal no obligation consultation.

Priceless Practice was the map to the mine field that is successful practicing with an associate.

Priceless Practice has allowed me to take my practice to the next level without working harder.

Priceless Practice helped avoid some bad situations that could have negatively affected my practice.

One of the greatest benefits AMC provided when I first became a member was giving me a “system” that covered just about anything that could happen in practice. I recognized Priceless Practice as providing the same benefit when I considered bringing a new doctor into my office. I have not been disappointed.

I saved $20,000 by NOT hiring the first guy that came along. Thanks to Priceless Practice.

Priceless Practice has given me the tools and support to make associate practicing as positive as possible.

Investing in Priceless Practice has been one of my wiser business decisions. Once I jumped in, the ongoing conference calls providing support and a forum to ask questions of the directors and share with other members has been the icing on the cake. If you’re considering adding a doctor to your office, I highly recommend you do so only with the knowledge and protocol that PP provides.

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