Training Centers

Training Centers for Chiropractors

A valuable part of being an AMC family member is the ability to utilize training centers. Training centers are AMC offices throughout the nation that use the AMC system and procedures, including the way the office is physically set up for efficiency and proper atmosphere.

We found that the most effective learning is in seeing, hearing and experiencing something first hand. Our coaches tell story after story of how training centers are responsible for turning the light on in a client who was previously struggling with actual implementation of the system. Not simply the logistics but the concept that it can be done and done successfully by anyone.

It is impossible to get a feel for how an office should be without being there in person. The amount of detail that goes into an AMC office can be described but it is more effective if it is felt. All Certified Training Center offices must go through a certification and master level evaluation. You will be paired to the office that has the strengths that fits your specific needs gathered from you and your coach to make a completely custom experience every time.

Certified Training Classes at AMC Boot Camps

Certified Trainer Class is an invite-only class held at every boot camp and is designed to help you develop a mastery of the AMC consultation, exam, and reports. Working specifically on voice inflection and body language of the doctor and the patient, it will deepen your level of understanding the “why’s” of the system. After gaining the knowledge of the system, the best way to own it is to teach it. Along with the learning each Certified Trainer will be specifically paired with a team of 2-3 doctors going through the Core 1 class where they will help them learn the basics of the protocols.

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