Top Technology Trends in the Chiropractic Industry

Compared to most healthcare disciplines, chiropractic is less intrinsically reliant on technology. Knowledge and skillful hands—these are a chiropractor’s most essential tools. 

Nevertheless, even in holistic healthcare professions that are deeply rooted in manual techniques, new technologies are bringing exciting opportunities to enhance care. From digital marketing tools to app-linked wearable therapeutic devices, there are a number of emerging technologies that ambitious chiropractors should be excited about. 

Here are a few of the top tech trends in 2023 for chiropractors to pay attention to this year with eyes also set ahead for 2024. 

Advanced Imaging

In recent years, there have been incredible advancements in medical imaging technology. Improvements to traditional imaging tech, along with new forms of imaging, help us view the human body with enhanced clarity while reducing radiation exposure for patients. 

Along with evolutions in X-ray, MRI, and bone density testing technologies, evolving advanced medical imaging technologies include:

  • Diagnostic magnetic resonance imaging 
  • Computed tomography
  • Nuclear medicine

For certain complicated cases, the ability to prescribe advanced medical imaging tests can be a valuable option for chiropractors. 

Electronic Health Records (EHR)

Electronic health records help medical offices transition away from cumbersome paper record-keeping. More than a mere digital database, EHR software provides a platform for data analysis, communication between healthcare providers, and patient progress tracking. 

There are many EHR systems on the market at a range of price points. Chiropractors can choose between all-purpose EHR software or systems designed specifically for chiropractic. 

Wearable Tech and Patient Monitoring

Wearable tech, like Fitbit, is a major development for patient health data collection. Compared to traditional patient health tracking equipment, wearables offer the advantage of continuous tracking over extended time periods. 

Wearables can be synced to apps that permit patients and their healthcare providers to monitor health metrics in real-time. This is useful for encouraging patient engagement and compliance.

Wearables aren’t limited to wrist devices, either. Devices such as posture-correcting wearables will likely become more popular in the near future for chiropractic care. These devices are useful during treatment sessions or may be employed for home exercises between treatments. 

Advanced Therapy Modalities

Advanced equipment-based therapy modalities provide chiropractors with the opportunity to expand their treatment offerings. Examples include:

  • Non-invasive nerve stimulation for improving blood flow and relieving pain
  • Spinal decompression for relieving pressure and pain
  • Laser therapy for reducing inflammation and promoting tissue healing

Adding one or more advanced therapy modalities makes a chiropractic practice more dynamic and ready to appeal to a wider range of patients. 

Patient Engagement Platforms

A patient engagement platform refers to a digital tool that patients access via a website or an app. These platforms are used to provide a convenient means of communication between a healthcare provider and its patients. 

Along with direct communications, patient engagement platforms offer benefits for continuity of care and patient engagement. They can be used for providing reminders, supplemental materials, and educational content—providing consistent engagement that leads to improved compliance and better treatment outcomes. 

Marketing Tech Trends that Chiropractors Can Use

Along with the exciting healthcare tech developments described above, there’s a wide world of digital marketing tools available for chiropractic practice owners. 

Social media formats like TikTok and Instagram Reels are great ways to efficiently distribute advertising. You can create short-form videos that present educational content and position your practice as an authority. Paid distribution on these platforms can include targeted marketing within your geographic region. With so many daily users constantly checking their social media feeds, the outreach potential is huge. 

You can also use search engine optimization (SEO) to increase website traffic by creating engaging written content. While SEO has been around for years, AI content generators have recently presented some exciting new options for improving SEO. Content generators can be used for research or to create artwork, graphics, or written content. 

If you use AI for long-form writing, be sure to review it carefully. AI programs like ChatGPT are promising but limited, with many examples of plagiarized or inaccurate content. 

Get More Ideas to Upgrade Your Practice This Year

Chiropractic isn’t a tech-centric industry, because it doesn’t have to be. However, embracing new technologies presents chiropractors with opportunities to expand their services and stand out from the competition. 
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