Aligned Training Summit – July ’24 (Orlando)

July 26, 2024
8:00 am
Orlando, FL

Join us Friday and Saturday, July 26th and 27th, for a weekend of intensive training alongside AMC’s members!

This is an opportunity for both doctors in practice as well as students and associates learn if AMC is a good fit! Come hear from our world-class team of Mentors. These Mentors have built sustainable, low-stress practices with our comprehensive system and are passionate about helping other Chiropractors do the same.

AMC Summits have helped thousands of Chiropractors grow their practices over the last 25 years. Fill out the form to RSVP and we’ll be in touch to provide you all the relevant information.

Join us and learn how to:

• Make Yourself a Referral Magnet
• Grow Your Patients’ Value of Your Care
• Feel Confident That You Can Handle Objections Easy and Effectively
• Make Practice More Fun
• Correct Common Mistakes that are Holding You Back

We provide a complete set of tools to help you achieve the practice of your dreams! Don’t miss out on this life-changing opportunity to grow your practice.


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