Life and Sherman Student Event (Open to ALL students)

May 18, 2023
7:00 pm
Westin Atlanta Aiport
4736 Best Rd, Atlanta, Georgia 30337, US

Do you hope to run a highly successful Pediatric and Perinatal practice?  Do you know how to structure a practice like this to scale?  Are you familiar with the particulars of what it takes to communicate with parents to create lifetime wellness chiropractic patients who bring in the whole family for care, refer, get great results, and are happy to pay for it?  If you even think a pediatric practice is in your future and want to be successful in that model, you MUST be at this event!

For 2013 Life Graduate Dr. Candice Forde, the first few years in practice came with feelings that she was just not living up to her full potential.  Stress was high and working harder wasn’t yielding the results that she and her husband, Dr. Justin had in mind.  When they joined Aligned and put the AMC system in place, they found the structure, streamlined communication, and confidence that they needed to see growth they had before never even dreamed possible.  Every year since joining, they have grown their practice by over $100,000 in collections, their stress has decreased, and their lives have become more balanced.  Dr. Candice Forde co-owns a highly successful practice in Gulfport, MS with her husband, Dr. Justin, where she sees mainly pediatric and perinatal cases.   They have 2 sweet kiddos that she homeschools, as well as being very active in the community and their church.  Listen to her story here:  https://vimeo.com/674937963/9b74c1e5a2

Learn how she set up and grew that practice and crafted the life of her dreams!  Dinner will be served.  Dr. Forde will also be speaking on Saturday at our Right Start Round Table Luncheon about how to Market the Perinatal and Pediatric Practice as well as Communicating Value to those demographics.  This is a great opportunity to join us Thursday for the student event, Friday/Saturday for the Summit, and Saturday at lunch for the Right Start event.



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