Build, Buy, or Associate?

Right Start Webinar
December 21, 2021
1:00 pm
841 9221 7353

Should you open a new practice, purchase a practice, or associate?  Join us as we explore the pros and cons of each and the hallmarks of ideal practice to purchase!

In this RS Meet-Up, you will have the opportunity to hear from Dr. Jason Ross. Dr. Ross graduated  from Palmer FL in Dec 2015, associated for a year with a contract to buy, and bought the practice in North Carolina in 2017 and immediately went to work.  After several years of hard work, he and his wife decided to find out what they could do to make the practice more efficient and profitable.  With an initial goal of growing $1,000/month, they found over $100,000 growth in their very first year with AMC and have no intentions of stopping their growth!  With a drive to always give the very best care and to do it with integrity,  Dr. Ross grew his practice despite all odds in 2020, making it his very best year yet.

Right Start Zoom Meet-Ups are open to chiropractors  and chiropractic students who would like to associate, open a practice, or purchase a practice.  Each meet-up, Dr. Tara Horrall has a guest speaker tell the story of their practice and AMC experience, participants have the opportunity to ask questions, and valuable practice content is shared.  These are a great way to learn about AMC Right Start in a no strings attached environment, gain knowledge, and learn from the experience of those already doing what you want to do.



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