Serve & Succeed Without Sacrificing What Matters

April 21, 2022
6:00 pm

When Dr. Collin Redinger graduated from Northwestern he didn’t have any time to lose – his wife and family were counting on him to provide. With AMC’s Right Start program and a huge servant’s heart, he is now 3 years into his clinic and has already reached heights in practice that he thought would take at least 10 years to achieve!

Because he had a structure, plan, and procedures in place he was able to turn his passion to serve others into a successful practice where patients love, respect, and value the great service that he brings to them. Join this live webinar to hear Dr. Redinger share how he has Served and Succeeded without Sacrificing what matter most to him and learn how YOU can do the same!

These Right Start Zoom Meet-Ups are open to anyone looking to open a practice.  Each month, Dr. Tara Horrall has a guest speaker tell the story of their AMC experience, participants have the opportunity to ask questions, and valuable practice content is shared.  These are a great way to learn about AMC Right Start in a no strings attached environment, gain knowledge, and learn from the experience of those already doing what you want to do.


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