Your CA: Asset or Liability?

“Asset: A useful or valuable quality, person or thing: an advantage or resource.”

Do you ever think about the CA that works in your office as a representation of your entire office?

They make the first impression and are the first contact that a patient has with you and your practice.

When I think of an employee as an asset, I think about taking care of them. If something has a great value to me, I need to make sure that I give it the attention it requires. I make sure that they are taken care of and that they know they are valued as a person and as an employee in my office.

You cannot ignore an asset or its value will diminish or become tarnished. Think about physical assets, cars and homes. If you do not take care of them, what will happen to them? They will lose their value. They will start having problems and needing repairs. There is no difference regarding your staff! If you ignore their needs and fail to invest in them, they will lose value.

Your greatest asset is also your greatest liability.

How often have you been in your office and thought about that patient that has not returned in a while? You decide  to reach out to them in a phone call and they share why they have not come back, and it was all about your staff?

Or, you let go of an employee only to have your patients tell you about their experiences with her, and they were all negative. How many patients are no longer coming to your but office did not speak up to you about the problem until they were no longer a part of the office team?


Because you did not see or hear what they were saying.

I do not mean that it is the chiropractic assistants fault every time a patient is lost.  However, I am asking: are you investing in your greatest asset and liability? Did you only show them the job once, or have the previous employee train them and then leave? That is your responsibility.

Your staff should be the largest investment in your office.

You will need to invest time and money to produce the greatest return and value in your staff. Give of your time to listen to your them. Send them to training programs, not just Chiropractic meetings but also places that will yield a high return on your investment by helping them to be better people and employees. Find the time to train your staff personally. Follow up with more training.  Your staff wants to know that you have time for them and they you care.

Your greatest asset is your greatest liability and hopefully your largest investment. So do the right things: invest in value and reduce liability.



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