A Simple Solution for Unmotivated Staff

Does your unmotivated staff drive you nuts? Do you go through staff like a hot knife through butter?

Even though the average longevity of a Chiropractic CA is only 2 years, there is a lot you can do to make those 2 years count. And, if you do a better job with your next staff in terms of hiring and motivation, they may just stay a lot longer. That might be worth learning about – don’t you think?

Well, for many years, I did not really understand this whole motivation business until AMC helped clear it up.

As part of our ongoing coach’s training – the best in the industry – in my opinion, we were introduced to a lady named Tamara Lowe who wrote a best-selling book called “GET MOTIVATED”.

In the book, she goes into great detail explaining all the different motivational types as they relates to individuals. The detail is incredible yet easy to understand. Best of all, you can get an accurate “snapshot” of what motivates you or anyone else by taking a simple 5 minute test and answering 21 questions.

I was amazed at how accurately it pegged me. I am a strong Producer and Internally motivated by “bigger than myself” causes (Chiropractic as a good example). However, I am an out of control Variable which means I am a great starter and a poor finisher. Sad but true. That’s was the bad news. The good news is this: now that I have learned this from a somewhat objective source, it is easier for me to change that aspect of what Tamara calls my “Motivational DNA”.

What does all this have to do with motivating your staff? In my experience coaching all over the country – it can be huge! If you’ve hired an Internal CA and can’t figure out why your cash staff bonus system puts her to sleep… you need to know why. This CA wants to change the world for the better (hopefully if she has attended your lay lecture for new patients, that would include Chiropractic).

She will respond much better to being reminded frequently that she is improving people’s health and literally changing their lives by being part of your Chiropractic team.

On the other hand, if your CA’s MDNA (Motivational DNA) is External, just “SHOW HER THE MONEY!” It’s not that changing lives isn’t important to her too. It’s just that tangibles like cash and prizes are more important to her.

This is just a tip of the iceberg. I have used these insights to improve my marriage even after 45 pretty good years!

Let’s say you give your potential CA this MDNA test BEFORE you consider hiring her. Can you see how this might make the decision easier when you have narrowed the options down to the 2 or 3 best candidates?



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