From “Survive” to “Thrive” In 30 Days

Let’s be honest, no chiropractor is immune to business challenges. Even if you’re the greatest chiropractic adjuster in the world, you won’t last in business if you don’t know how to run a business.

But most chiropractors think that common sense and a little bit of determination will help propel them over the hump. Well how’s that working out for you?

You see, your perception is not always your reality. You perceive that you’re a good business person but your reality proves differently.

Need proof? Just open your checkbook and compare income to expense. Do you have a surplus or a hemorrhage?

If you’re struggling in practice, don’t blame the economy. Yeah the media will try to get you to believe that lie but when you truly look around, there’s money to be made! And, since everyone has a spine, what’s your excuse?

The only thing most chiropractors are lacking is a complete business system that allows them to grow self-sustaining, referral-based practices.

One chiropractor that knows this well is Dr. Kim Anderson. She and her husband were trying everything under the sun to frantically keep their practice from going under. Before I spoil the outcome, let’s hear it straight from Dr. Anderson…

It was just three years ago, right after my husband and I had our second child, in which during that pregnancy I was on bed rest for seven out of the nine months, our chiropractic business suffered tremendously, and I was completely unable to contribute any of my time or energy in order to help turn our business around.

When I finally did return to the office, I knew that something desperately needed to change if we were simply going to keep our doors open. During those next three months, we brain-stormed, we tried a few things on our own, and we where even just moments away from moving out of our office into another chiropractor’s office as a simple act of survival. Our business was in big trouble. We knew our lines of credit were maxed out, and we knew we only had two more months at our current production to survive. My husband and I were open to anything at that moment.

It was during that low point when I received an AMC DVD that was shipped with a Dynamic Chiropractic magazine. I decided I would watch it, “just for fun”. As I watched the DVD, I was completely amazed to see “real” people who had similar stories to ours, yet by teaming up with AMC they were able to turn their businesses and their lives around. I knew these were real people because some of the testimonials were chiropractors in our State as well as chiropractors we recognized and knew from Chiropractic College. Not only that, but Tom Owen was the baby we watched get adjusted by Dr. Gonstead on the old Gonstead tapes we watched while learning technique. I knew then that I needed to call and get more information about this group called AMC.

Being very desperate at the time, I was also very “coachable” and as a result, after only one month of using the AMC protocols, our office collections doubled. We had a long way to go, but we knew that we had found a solution to a very big problem. Since that time our collections have continued to increase, but even more exciting is that our office now runs like a very well-oiled machine and we have fun. With a three and five year old at home, I only work part-time while maintaining an office that generates statistics of an office that would be open six days a week.

Thank you so much AMC for the timely support you gave my husband and I during the lowest point in our five years of business. You helped to re-instill my confidence and passion which not only kept our doors open, but has helped me care for so many more people in our community. We are now the premier women’s and children’s office in our area, and this has always been one of my closely held dreams. Without AMC dedication to help chiropractors, our profession would have a lot less practicing chiropractors, and there would be a lot more people in our communities who would never truly appreciate what “true chiropractic” is all about. My husband and I really appreciate what you have done for our family and our business, and I know that my patients are so grateful for you helping me be the Chiropractor that I always needed to be.

With Sincere Appreciation and Gratitude,

Dr. Kimberly A. Anderson

So, doctor, are you getting results like this?

If not, I highly encourage you to contact AMC. Our MISSION and PASSION is helping Chiropractors!



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I had a $10,000 care plan accepted, which was amazing! 🙏

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