Dr. Nicole Mathey

Dr. Nicole Mathey utilized the Aligned Right Start program when she and her family moved from Colorado to Tennesse to begin again. She was nervous to start over, but confident in the Aligned system! She struggled with personal distractions and conflicts over the years, but has broken through and had her best year ever and …

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Dr. Alyce Duffer

Dr. Alyce Duffer was struggling trying to find anything which would allow her business to produce enough revenue so that she didn’t have to continue to support it with savings. She is a wonderful person with a tremendous “can do” attitude and willing to do whatever it takes. Those are great qualities but not helpful …

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Dr. Derek Eagan

Dr. Derek Eagan purchased an existing practice only to discover that it wasn’t worth the purchase price. He was spinning his wheels trying to gain traction and grow the business. The financial clock was ticking every month and even though he was working hard he wasn’t gaining ground. Immediately after joining Aligned things started changing …

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Dr. Megan Malone

Since joining AMC in 2014, my practice has consistently grown. I have reached levels I never thought possible and am truly making a difference and impact on my patients and community!

Dr. Lyndsy Johnston

I was in school, and had a dream of owning my own practice, but I was unsure of how exactly to make that dream come true. Using AMC’s proven system, I was able to take a sleepy Chiropractic practice struggling to make ends meet into one that is now serving thousands of patients per month …

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Dr. David Yachter

AMC has helped me raise my CVA from 55 to over 80, as well as raise my collections to over 95%!

Drs. Jimy & Cynthia Louis

We took over a practice for another doctor, and have been growing it ever since, hitting new goals and records almost every month! 💪

Dr. Tim Peterson

We continually grow in multiple areas every single year, but even better than that, we’re having the most fun and we have the best team we’ve ever had! 🥳

We are on an upward trend since joining AMC and keep having our best years ever! 🥳

Drs. Paul & Heather Fay

Because of my consistent efforts, I saw the most patients I ever have in a day and in a week! 👏

Dr. Suarez

We have been rocking it with new patients and are ready to keep that momentum going as we serve more and more people. 🤘

Drs. Rick and Jill Palma

I set all-time records in patient visit averages, total collections, and collection visit averages over the last few years. 👏

Dr. JP Whittaker

I had a $10,000 care plan accepted, which was amazing! 🙏

Dr. Bryan Hedlund

I collected $307K in my first year in practice! I also maintained an 85% closing percentage and had a $125 collection visit average. 👍

Dr. Miguel Esquinca

I keep having record years since becoming an AMC family member! 💪

Dr. Dan Yachter

My office achieved the highest total collections and highest CVA of my career! 🙌 

Dr. Tony Rea

I had my best year ever and grew $147K in collections! 🤩

Dr. Holly Cox

I closed 4 care plans in one day after coming back from the Atlanta Summit! 🥳

Dr. Angie Skokos

I have had my best collections ever over the last few years! 💪

Dr. Brett Berner