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The Student Program gives students the tools necessary to run a business, acquire new patients and convert them to lifelong chiropractic patients while still in school, thus preparing them for ultra success upon graduation.

The AMC Student Program is designed to prepare you for ultimate success, while allowing you the opportunity to explore all options within your profession. Ever ponder the following sobering stats? Why does only approximately 10% of any graduating class from any chiropractic school become truly successful in practice? Why does chiropractic lead all health professions in student loan default rates? There are at least a few arguable reasons behind these realities, but one thing is undeniable – hundreds of DCs fail in practice every year! Some never get the chance to try to make it in practice, because they never even open their own doors!

Aligned members have a 0% default rate on their student loans and our new practices typically hit profit within the first 90 days. This is significantly more successful than the 5 year struggle so many others are told to expect. With Aligned, there is more than just hope! A successful future is a reality.

In addition, when you choose to work with Aligned after graduation, we offer the following additional opportunities:

If you don’t grow, you don’t owe. 

when you open a practice with Aligned Right Start, we will work with you on setting a baseline of revenue (an amount that gives you a cushion of income), and Aligned only receives percentage of revenue that we help you grow. In fact, this is a guarantee, and this will allow you to preserve cash at a crucial time.

We’re here to help. 

when you open a practice with Aligned Right Start we can help with the equipment financing, leasing demographic research, office layout, hiring and training staff, personalized coaching, office procedures and protocols, patient management system, all while helping you create a referral based, low stress, profitable practice.

Right Start Program

Moreover, under this program a portion of Aligned payments received from you will be set aside to go towards a payment at the end of the year for your student loans, and for every additional year under your initial agreement.

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