Doctor, Where is Your Focus?

Chiropractic Practic Management — Have you noticed how some days, weeks or even months go better in the practice than others? At times, everything you touch “turns to gold” and at other times, nothing seems to go right.

Is it you? The insurance companies? Your spouse? The kids? Your staff?

In our experience in AMC, as Dr. Owen taught me over 40 years ago… “Where your focus flows, your practice goes”.

Many years ago, Dr. Jim Parker taught a principle called “PTC” which stands for Present Time Consciousness. It is just another description for focus. Today we hear Psychologists and motivational speakers telling us to “be in the moment”.

One of the core principles of AMC is to control your thinking. First, and best said by Jackie Owen, Dr. Tom’s Wife, “it’s important to think but it is 10,000 times more important to control your thinking…and…since you have to think anyway, why not think abundantly”.

Getting back to focus, we also need to realize how important emotions can be in our thinking. AMC teaches that anything which draws your focus away from the practice, especially if you get emotional about it, will hurt the practice. The most interesting part of this principle I have noticed in my 11 years of coaching with AMC is that the thing which draws your focus from your practice can be a very positive thing like a marriage, having a baby, or winning an award.

The key to controlling your thinking and stabilizing your practice is to first be aware of this principle of focus. It is had to be objective about your practice and your life which is where a good business coach can be invaluable.

I will close this article with a true story about a your coaching client of mine from the Midwest who cheerfully announced to me one day on our coaching call that he and his wife were breaking ground and building a new house. My first thought was if anything had the potential to divert focus and get you emotionally entangled, building a house had to be close to the top of the list. Marriages have been destroyed in this process more than once.

My AMC Family Member did not have a clue how this could impact his practice which at the time was doing extremely well. So, I explained the AMC principle to him and instructed him to make the strongest effort he could to focus 100% on the practice when he was in the office and then focus 100% on his family and the new house project when he was not in the office. I call it “compartmentalizing”.

Dr. H was a quick study and did a great job of following my suggestions. It took something over 3 months to complete the new home. And to my amazement, Dr. H set new practice records during that time! If he had only been seeing a few patients a day those numbers might not be so impressive. What I failed to mention earlier is that her was seeing 1,000 visits a month when he started the building project!

Focus on what you want and go after it. AMC can help you get there with minimal distractions.



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