New Vaccine Eliminates Chiropractic

A Vaccine for Phantom Pains

Affordable Management and Consulting for Chiropractors — Since their inception in 1798, vaccines have taken many different forms but none more powerful than their most recent concoction, which most effectively Eliminates Chiropractic while leaving Chiropractors to deal with the elusive medical condition of “Phantom Pains”.

(Phantom Pains: Sensations and/or perceptions that an individual experiences relating to a “lost limb” that is no longer attached to the body.)

How to contract Phantom Pains?  The most common way to contract Phantom Pains is to forget the chiropractic principle itself: “Above, Down, Inside, Out” while injecting ones self with the ever coveted “Above, Down, OUTSIDE, IN”.

CS Lewis put this another way:  “Every ship deals with three questions:  How to keep from sinking?  How to keep from bumping into other ships?  And, why is it out there in the first place?”

The first question deals with “personal ethics”.

The second questions deals with “social ethics”.

While the third questions deals with “essential ethics”.

As there is a lot that goes into each of these questions however the underpinning of each lays a principle namely, you have a “designed” purpose to serve others (inside, out).  As you and I set our heading (goals) this year I’d like to suggest avoiding a terrible inoculation (Outside, in) namely that of one of ”Selfishness” and/or “Laziness”.

One of the hardest things to overcome in life is one’s selfishness namely our personal comfort zones.  When you start off the year with “what you want” (materially) you’ve already made a fundamental mistake concerning the “Reason for the Season” (which is why the ship is out there in the first place) as you inject yourself with a deadly vaccine (comfort zone) which will rear its ugly head in the form of “Phantom Pains” in the months and years to come while (and if) you set yourself center stage.

As a reminder from one, that has been accurately accused of being one of the greatest minds of the 20th century,  CS Lewis concluded in his book The Screwtape Letters: “The sense of ownership in general is always to be encouraged.  People are always putting up claims to ownership which sounds equally funny in Heaven and in Hell and we must keep them doing so.” Needless to say CS Lewis knew people’s fundamental flaw was to seek and to serve themselves with things that will eventually cause Phantom Pains.

Plainly put: By framing your heading (setting goals) by using the Chiropractic Model of Above, Down, (The Transcendence of God), Inside, Out (Serving Others) you and I avoid the plague of Phantom Pains sweeping the nation which interestingly enough thinks God and/or others owe them something for being self centered.

In closing, this year let us set our sails to serve others while bringing back an all to often forgotten word in chiropractic namely that of “Honor”.   As a decorated military veteran its interesting, I’ve never seen someone receive the Medal of Honor for stuffing his or her own pockets…however, I have seen the Medal of Honor recipient receive his or her just reward for serving.   Let us serve and do so well while bringing the forgotten word of “Honor” back into Chiropractic, for without “Honor” we need not ask why chiropractors suffer from “Phantom Pains”.

To Serve with Honor,

Tony Seymour




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