Why Your Patients Won’t Refer to You

Why Your Patients Won’t Refer to You

Affordable Management and Consulting for Chiropractors — Have you ever had to find a chiropractor in a different town, area, or state to refer a friend or family member to?  It’s no easy task.  The questions start running through your head….

  • Is this chiropractor going to be give good quality care?  Or “Pop, Pray, Walk Away”
  • Are they practicing out of a back alley or ramshackle office?
  • Is the doctor going to take her case seriously?
  • Is the doctor going come in wearing sandals and shorts?
  • Is the doctor going to do something that totally freaks her out?

……Can you see where I’m going with this?

Why can’t we as a profession refer confidently within ourselves?  It seems easier for me to refer a friend to an accountant or dentist than it is to a chiropractor.  So, why then do you think your patients aren’t referring to you?   Ask yourself these questions (and be honest with yourself):

  • Am I giving the best quality care possible?
  • Do I look like a doctor?
  • Does my office say “professional”?  Or does the veterinarian down the street have a nicer looking clinic than me?
  • Do my patients understand and value the care I am providing (read “Why Chiropractic Care is Worthless” blog)?
  • Is my staff well trained and welcoming?  Or do they answer the phone and greet patients with an attitude of “Why are you interrupting my intense game of solitaire”?

Would you agree it’s time our profession as a whole and each of us individually, take a hard look in the mirror and ask, “Am I a doctor that someone could confidently refer their closest friend or mother to?”  And if we are being completely honest, chances are we all have some room for improvement.  So I ask you, what steps can you take today to improve your reputation in the community and, therefore, the image of chiropractic?



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