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Protocol and the ‘C’ Word

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Much of the theme of the following post was swiped, and I’m not ashamed to admit it.  It was a theme written by kettlebell instructor extrodinaire, Geoff Neupert, in his blog and directed towards those seeking to improve their physical fitness… As I read it nearly 2 years ago, I remember thinking how EXACTLY this applied to success in practice… so here it is.  Enjoy.  More importantly, learn… — Dr. James Saeli


I don’t think it can be any “easier” really.  Can it?

You have this system of protocols that you must study, learn, gain understanding, and implement precisely.  Then you repeat what you just did.  Again.

This brings up that “C – Word” – Commitment.

Yup, I said it.

That one word most of us are afraid of.


I mean, it’s not like you’re at the alter saying “I Do” or anything.

But maybe that’s a bit too simplistic, because before commitment must come that other “C – Word” –


Yup, said that too.

Which brings to mind this age-old question…

Is it Nature or is it Nurture?

 It’s Neither!

Paul Zane Pilzer, renowned economist, author, and multimillionaire entrepreneur, gave this answer to the “Nature vs Nurture” question…

Pilzer was speaking about his research on who is becoming a millionaire today.

Pay attention, as you can easily draw the same conclusion about: 

who is building a successful practice today!

Pilzer said:

One of the most fascinating parts of my research is — becoming a millionaire seems to have less correlation each year with your race, religion, country of origin, or even your parents or your education.

Pilzer used the Forbes 400 list of the richest 400 Americans to support his findings.

In 1981, the list contained a host of family names once synonymous with American wealth… the Rockefellers, Morgans, Astors, etc.

By 1995, only 40 of the original 400 (or their children) remained on the list, and none were in the top 10.

All of those in the new top 10 were born poor or middle class, and only two had finished college.

Further, many if not most of the people on the Forbes 400 had a brother or sister who was as great a failure in life, sometimes involving a prison sentence, as they were a success.

We have seen this often times among our presidents… anyone remember Billy Carter?  Roger Clinton?

Pilzer explains the phenomenon…

“None of these people were either nurtured or natured to fail, and most had the same family upbringing and educational opportunities as their successful sibling.

Great success is now, more than ever before in human history, about making a choice.”

Your free will to commit or not to commit, either one is a choice.

You have the free will to take the protocols you’ve been given and make something with them, or not to.

You also have the choice to misuse them, like have you ever used a pair of pliers to pound down a nail?

Follow the AMC protocol precisely.  Stop tweaking it and watering it down unless you want watered down results.

Consider this:

“Changing part of it so it “fits you better” is changing the wrong variable… it’s not the procedure, it’s your concepts or understanding that needs adjusting”.

It’s time to become the Knight and rescue your practice and set it free to grow!

All you gotta do is study, learn, gain understanding, and implement it precisely.  And then do it again.

If you’re struggling with “getting your Protocol on” – do this.

Tell yourself you’re going to study some part of the protocol (where are you weakest??) 5 days a week for 30 minutes.

That’s it.  You’re going to do it for a month – ONE month – jeesh – that’s not that long in the grand scheme of things – it’s only 1/12 of a year.

Then you’re going to reassess your progress and your stats.  That’s it.  Nothing less.  Study, learn, gain understanding, implement precisely.  That’s it.

I don’t care when or how you get this done either – You’re just going to do it.  And you’ve got 30 minutes.  That’s it.

If you COMMIT to do this, to put the past in the rear-view, and decide that from this moment forward your results will be vastly different, then reply back ASAP and let me know so we can celebrate your commitment.