Don’t Make This Mistake With Your Staff!

Many doctors make this mistake in their offices, they hire staff to do a job, and then fail to give them proper training. They may show the new CA what they want done once or twice, and then turn their whole business (and reputation) over to them, expecting greatness.

Or, even worse, having a mediocre staff member, or one who is leaving, train the new staff member! I have often hear assistants say the following: “Well, they taught us this way but the way I do it is… “, or, “we really don’t do it that way here it really doesn’t work for us” and the doctors do nothing about it.


Is this because you are tired of training staff, or because you don’t have the time? Why would you not want to properly train your staff to do the things that you need done in your practice? Maybe, it is because you do not know the job yourself!

Any way you look at it, this is a huge mistake. The CAs who work in your office make the first impression a patient has of your office.  They are a reflection of you, the doctor who runs the practice. No matter what happens afterwards, a first impression never goes away, no matter how well the other things go. Don’t you think it’s important to make sure that first impression is always a good one?

Well, that means taking your time and your effort to train your staff. You’ll need to role-play what you want them to say and do in many different scenarios. Your staff need to know that you know how to properly do their jobs. They need to know your requirements of them in your office. They need to know that you will be evaluating their progress. They need to know that you won’t be handing them off to a possibly mediocre employee for training.

I’m not saying that you must do all the training for every little job. Focus on the important ones, like answering your phone, appointment book management, and most of all, teaching them about Chiropractic (what it is that you do) and the RESULTS (how you change the lives of so many of your patients).  Your CAs need to know that you know and understand their jobs.

Take the time to hire the right staff, and then, make sure they learn the proper procedures for running your office. Give them your time, your encouragement and most of all your patience. 

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